Learn to write great essays and answers

My book, Fundamentals of Essay and Answer Writing is now available! 

How will the book benefit you?

  • Fundamentals of Essay and Answer Writing is specifically designed to improve your answer and essay writing skill in the shortest amount of time. 
  • If you’re a beginner, you will take considerable time to understand the nuances of the exam. The principles outlined in the book will help you overcome such obstacles quickly and easily. 
  • If you’re a seasoned aspirant, you are going to find new tools to further refine and dramatically improve the quality of your answers. 
  • With Fundamentals of Essay and Answer Writing, it will become easier for you to stand out, and score well in UPSC Mains, no matter where you are currently in your UPSC journey.  
“A master guide for aspirants having phobia of Essay and Answer writing. A practical book that tells one how to apply the gathered knowledge in the exam. It takes one through various dimensions of UPSC Mains quite exhaustively with crisp illustrations. Anudeep’s blog and tips were pivotal in simplifying my Mains journey and I am sure this book is going to help many aspirants in future as well.”
Kanishak Kataria, IAS
All India Rank 1, CSE 2018
“A ready reckoner for answer writing. It brings together all the necessary ingredients of answer: structure, add ons, presentation. What I like the most is that whether you are a beginner or have practised a lot, this book will still help you out. It's peppered with Anudeep's own sample answers, examples, quotes and notes. Highly recommended to all”
Srushti Jayant Deshmukh, IAS
All India Rank 5, CSE 2018
“A comprehensive book on the art of essay and answer writing. With many illustrated examples, the book makes it easy for aspirants to understand how to write good essays and answers in the Mains exam. Anudeep possesses a rare ability to express the most complex and abstract of concepts in easy to understand manner. He is a treat to read. The book will be of immense help for aspirants looking to improve their essay and answer writing skills.”
Gaurav Agrawal, IAS
All India Rank 1, CSE 2013
"A lucid and concisely written book. There are a lot of examples to help aspirants understand and grasp the approach to answer writing better. I’m sure it will help you score better in the exam."
Athar Aamir Khan, IAS
All India Rank 2, CSE 2015

Contents of the Book


PART I: Essay Writing

  1. How to Prepare for the Essay
  2. Essay Introduction
  3. Main Body of the Essay
  4. Conclusion
  5. Flow and Coherence
  6. Vocabulary, Language and Grammar
  7. Choosing a Topic
  8. Writing a Philosophical Essay
  9. Useful Quotes
  10.  Components of a Good Essay
  11. Why You Should Write

PART II: Answer Writing

  1. The Mains Booklist
  2. Current Affairs Preparation
  3. GS-1
  4. GS-2
  5. GS-3
  6. GS-4
  7. Useful Statistics
  8. Anthropology
  9. Illustrations
  10. Components of a Good Answer
  11. Closing Thoughts

PART III: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PART IV: Sample Answers to Previously Asked UPSC Questions

PART V: Bonus Videos (Only in E-book version)

"This book explains the art of essay writing logically and systematically and ensures that once you adopt the basic ideas given in the book, you can write a beautiful essay. Aspirants looking for a one stop solution to develop the art of Essay writing, here comes that reliable stop."
Anu Kumari, IAS
All India Rank 2, CSE 2017
"A wonderfully written book that clears all doubts on essay and answer writing. If you are looking for a reliable guide to improve your essays and answers in UPSC Mains, this is the book you should go for."
Koya Sree Harsha, IAS
All India Rank 6, CSE 2017
"This book is a must have for all serious aspirants. Anudeep has beautifully explained each of the components of the UPSC juggernaut, while rightly emphasising on the importance of the essay paper"
Saumya Sharma, IAS
All India Rank 9, CSE 2017

Want to read some sample chapters from the book? Here are three of them.