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I am Anudeep Durishetty, IAS officer of 2018 batch and All India Rank 1 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2017. I secured this rank in my 5th attempt. Over the course of my long tryst with UPSC, I had learnt a lot from my mistakes and I consciously worked to rectify them. I intend this blog to be a repository of my experience so that you don’t repeat the same errors. You’ll find posts on my journey so far, preparation strategy for GS, essay, optional, answer writing and other peripheral aspects relevant to Civils preparation. Aspirants may post their queries in the comments section.

Apart from these, I also plan to write about topics of general interest that fascinate me. I am a native of Telangana and my hobbies are football, reading and meditation. I love Arsenal, Lionel Messi and Roger Federer.

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  1. Minakshi

    Your blog is going to be very useful. Thank you so much sir.

    1. chithranjali nair

      sir…a great doubt..can u just hep me to find somebody who wrote mains with LAW as optional?

        1. Amit

          Sir, I know the question that I am putting is not in appropriate place but the question is worth it. Firstly , how you got job at google ?. Next, did you already decide during college days that you’ll first get a corporate job and then you’ll become civil servant ?

        2. Manohar CH

          Hi Anudeep ,I had a passion to be part in system (upsc) but financially unable to spent on taking coaching..I’m Telugu guy with bad communication skills and depending on my hard-work. So give me suggestions on own preparation and reference books.sorry for the bad communication skills .thank you anudeep

      1. Anonymous

        vaishali singh, who secured 8th rank in upsc in 2018.
        she had her optional as law.

  2. Thrisha Reddem

    A very good intivative sir,and journey as a aspirant inspired us ,Thank you.

  3. Dipankar Dutta, Gauhati University, Guwahati

    It will help us.. Thank you, Sir!

  4. Upsc aspirant

    Thank you for your initiative sir, and this is how you wrote your mains answers……..

  5. ilishpaturi

    In one of your posts, you had mentioned about downloading the answer booklets of toppers. Are you talking about answer booklets of mock tests? Where do I download it from?

  6. Bhavesh Chauhan

    Thanku so much sir to share these exact strategies as you would be follow for ye entire upsc journey.
    Definetely, these strategies will help us.

  7. Bhavesh Chauhan

    Thanku so much sir to share these exact strategies as you would be follow for your entire upsc journey.
    Definetely, these strategies will help us.

  8. Meka Alaya Reddy

    Thank you sir… This is really helpful for us.

  9. K. Shaankary Reddy

    Thank you so much sir… U stood as an achiever and inspiration as well.. I respect ur work of sharing ,ur experiences and guidance . This is very useful sir.

  10. Neha


    We’d be happy if you can you share your Anthro strategy? Like:- what books? Test series? can we see your mock test papers? Writing practice? anthro examples, diagrams, theories, case studies? Points vs paragraph? What structure? What conclusion? Are they looking for way forward or significance in present scenario even in anthro? How many questions did you attempt in mains? what was the quality of your answers?

    Thanks and regards

    1. Anudeep Durishetty

      Hi, I’ve written detailed posts on Anthropology. Find it under ‘Optional’ tab on this website.

  11. SWAPNA P

    Sir I have one doubt may be it is silly for you but my question is you opted offline Forum IAS TEST SERIES where you write these exams while you are working as IRS ?

  12. SWAPNA P

    Sir, I read your other post on UPSC Journey I got the answer that you write Forum IAS TEST SERIES at home with timer.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty

      Yes, I entirely prepared while staying in Hyderabad and so I had to opt for online mode. I wrote all tests from my home.

  13. Anonymous

    Congratulations sirπŸ’

    Your journey inspired us a lot…
    Thanks for sharing your strategy through this initiative. This is so helpful..

  14. Satyendra

    First of all congratulation for your tremendous success Sir.
    Sir, I’ve studied till 10+2 in UP and from UP Board, as far as I could remember I left essay writing in my 8th standard only because essay writing was in the syllabus till then. Now while I think to prepare for CSE, I’m stuck that how I should write an essay. Because my mind in essay writing is not developed since I haven’t written an essay for the last 7-8 years. And now if someone tells me to write an essay, I guess it’ll be written at the 8th standard level which is nothing in front of this large CSE- Mains essays. At this stage, I’m not able to decide where to begin with. It could be a problem for other aspirants as well. It’ll be a huge help if you could guide and let us know how to start for the essay writing i.e. read the essay, analyze them etc.. I would love if you could guide us in terms of strategy with some resources where to read up them.

      1. Isha Singh

        Hiii sir
        I am your fan
        I need your help
        Please save my life
        Mai apko bht msg ki hu email pe but koi reply nhi aaya so please contact me 7372088251 it’s my no please sir


    Sir, what are you recomanded book’s in CSE(MAIN)Exam? Kindlly you can tell about your CSE(main) book list please!

  16. Anonymous

    Could you please share the strategy for mains general studies,book lists and material.

  17. Luka

    I read the non-fiction books you recommended and they very interesting. Can you suggest more?

  18. Amitkumar

    Great Initiative Anudeep. You wrote about meditation in the ‘about me’ Section.
    We will be very gratefull if we got to read In depth about “Meditation , Preparation and You”.

    and a direct Question for you.

    Joining Online test series for prelims and mains , has its own pros and cons.
    critically evaluate.
    No word limit Sir πŸ™‚


  19. Anonymous

    Can you suggest which month current affairs are required for prelims and mains?

  20. Anonymous

    Congratulations Anudeep & thank you for all your articles, very helpful!
    Could you please share your study schedule, it would be very useful for aspirants like me working full-time, to get an idea on how to plan prep and deal time crunch.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  21. Sweta Sinha

    Many will ask you how you clear your exam and strategy but its been 2 weeks since result came out and yet no body talks much about how to deal with failure. How you dealt with your failure constantly. How will you convince yourself that you are not failure even you hit dead end.

  22. Anonymous

    Hello Sir,… I know you are definitely busy person but i want to take some more time of your. Please sir share booklist for mains so it will be helpful for me as well as many UPSC Aspirants. I am eagerly waiting for your reply sir…

  23. Anonymous

    Hello Sir…, Please tell me how to prepare for Commerce & Accounts as optional subject ?
    And from where I can download Optional subjects previous paper …. Please sir help me as i am eagerly waiting for your reply…..

  24. Anonymous

    hello sir, please tell me name and writer of standard books for cse pre,qualifying subject,essay, gs.

  25. Anonymous

    hello sir, please tell me name and writer of standard books for optional subject agriculture.

  26. Rakesh Murarka

    Hi Anudeep
    This is Rakesh Murarka from RVG Education Foundation Mumbai. We need your contact details urgently.

  27. Soundarya

    Hii sir..this is soundarya from adilabad..i have completed my graduation only in English medium. I want to write civils in Telugu language..is materials are available in Telugu medium..is it possible sir…please suggest any name who wrote in Telugu .and their link .
    Thank you sir

  28. Pankaj

    Hi, sir, cleared my pre. 2018, I never practiced answer writing. I have 40 days, what should I do. I know answers but could not write.

  29. renu

    HI, sir you are a big inspiration to me and i love your hole entire beautiful journey

  30. Vinay Joshi

    Hi Sir, first of all I would my like to extend my heartiest greetings to you for cracking the most prestigious and toughest exam,
    Sir can you please recommend me about the detailed strategy and booklist for Maths as an optional subject?

  31. Netrika

    Hello sir,
    Good evening
    Sir, tell me how to prepare current affairs are required for Exam?

  32. Dhanalakshmi

    Hi bro,
    Hearty congrats to your success.
    Can you help me to find somebody who wrote mains with MATHS optional?

  33. Yogita

    Hi.. Could you also advise that when you are out of race, but you still have fire for something to do great, but you are unaware of it that what good you can do with it.


    Sir do you know anyone who had taken history optional and ranked in top 100?

  35. shah

    Hi , Sir have you joined ALS IAS classes for UPSC training , as on their website your name is there so asked . Me too was thinking to join ALS Coaching institute so is it better

  36. himani sharma

    sir i have a doubt…. if i want to take a gap in my attempts…..will the gap year be counted as an attempt by upsc. i.e. does 6 attempts means 6 consecutive attempts?

  37. Rahul

    Sir right now.i am in B.tech(metallurgy) 1st year. From now onwards ,how should I prepare for UPSC & which optional subject should I take.

  38. Anonymous

    Sir I want to be ur blog follower….bt I can’t ….how it could be possible…..plz sir

  39. N. V. Goud

    congratulation sir,
    we are proud to say that , to secure 1st rank in upsc from telangana ,my self vamshi from warangal ,present I am working as network engineer , and i am planing to write civils exams while doing job,please can you suggest how to plan ,and how to execute the plan perfectly ,and i want start from zero level,thanks in advance

    thanks & regards

  40. Priyanka reddy

    Congratulations sir really ur blog is very useful for zero knowledge aspirants….keep blogging sir thank you

  41. Anonymous

    Dear sir,
    Congrats and your great anudeep sir you make your parents happy when saw this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NYXH3EEhMU) i am very emotional that i wanted to make my parents so happy.After abdul kalam sir and my great dad you are my great role model.
    Thanking you,

  42. Anonymous

    Congrats……. for your cadre allotment in our home state telangana .Have a nice days sir.

  43. Anonymous

    congratulation sir, do u know anyone who wrote in mains with physics optional ? Please help me sir.


    Sir why did you shift your optional from Public Administration to Anthropology?

  45. U.N.Nagsharan

    Sir I have chosen Commerce stream with Math and now I am gng to enter in 2nd year so what is the next step after 2nd year sir and please provide me few guidelines and help me out sir .

  46. Anonymous

    Dear sir,

    if possible,please reply to the queries sent to your gmail. upsc exam is very near no sir so that.I also wont ask many doubts .i am preparing myself.


  47. Anonymous


  48. Anonymous

    Sir, How to choose the regional language paper.Apart from English,I had left the Hindi subject on 10th standard only and now I am on the verge of completing my masters. Do I have to learn again from beginning?

  49. Prachi

    Hello sir, l am a complete beginner for upsc preparation. I want to know, is it necessary to read 6 to 12 ncert of geography, economics ,history ,polity or reading only 11and 12 will be enough.

  50. Ankur Goyal

    Sir can you post or share link, good article related to Geography optional covering all details

  51. Milind

    Respected Sir can you please guide me regarding query of” is it necessary to stay in old rajennder nagar”. If not what do you know other places for preparation? Where did you prepare for this exam when you gave your last 2 attempts?

  52. Nikhil bhatt

    Sir can i prepare optional without coaching?? Is it possible specially for anthropology

  53. Govind Singh

    Anudeep sir….i am biggest fan of yours
    My idol is only you…
    Jab bhi padhne ka man na kare to sirf aap ko yaad kar leta hu…apne aap josh jaag jaata he.
    Apse bahut hi jyada prerna milti he….
    Agar samay ho to please ek reply jarur kar dena …

  54. bharadwaj

    sir please say or paste the link of toppers strategy for geography optional

  55. Ayush Soni

    Sir, how did you get job at google, could you please help me ?


    Congratulations sir 🀝
    You create this blog usefull many aspirants and inspired
    Sir…….plz telugu medium background
    Students how to prepare this exam and
    How to improve English
    Plz reply sir πŸ™

  57. Navin

    Respected sir your guidance is OXYGEN for me and my peer groups.Sir I belong to a small village in BHOJPUR DISTRICT which is in Bihar.None of them(I and my peer groups) afford in a metropolitan cities because bad economic conditions your guidance is extremely important for us.Sir I have a problem related to optional subject POLITICAL SCIENCE. The guidance available ON INTERNET is superfluous just like as some books name OR ONE -TWO VIDEO, REQUESTED TO YOU PLEASE TRY TO PROVIDE APPROPRIATE GUIDANCE ABOUT POLITICAL SCIENCE .HOW TO APPROACH POL.SCIENCE, CHECKED TOPPER TEST COPY ,ANSWER WRITING STRATEGY IN DETAIL JUST LIKE AS YOU EXPLAINED ANTHROPOLOGY.SIR PLEASE ACCEPT MY QUERIES πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  58. SUNKARI Yugandhar

    how write notes from ncert books and please sent your sample notes

  59. Tanay Somvanshi

    Sir,which test series should I join for anthropology optional and gs respectively.


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