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As I look back on the year gone by, I can’t be thankful enough for 2018. Professionally and personally, it’s the best year I’ve had. In Dec 2017, if I were given a chance to script my 2018, I don’t think I’d have had it any better.

What did you learn in 2018? Can you describe it in one word? For me it’s ‘gratitude’.

I discovered that having a deep sense of gratitude for all that you have in life is a source of profound happiness.

In 2018, I had a serious knee injury: An MRI scan showed that I tore my anterior cruciate ligament in the right knee, to the extent that it might have needed a surgery.

But the doctor advised me a non-surgical treatment to see if it works. I had to wear knee braces for a month, doing physiotherapy as my daily routine to gain strength and stability in the knee joint.

The recovery has been gradual but unbearably  frustrating at times. Everyday to walk uphill in LBSNAA was a challenge and to navigate the Himalayan Trek was especially difficult, as I had to take each step with care and precision, lest I worsen the injury. During this period, I couldn’t help but think of the time I was healthy enough to run and play football.

I’ve had a re-scan of my knee joint recently, and the MRI showed near complete recovery of the ligament. Now I’m back running after six months.

Celebrated the new year in this beautiful island of Swaraj Dweep (previously called Havelock) in South Andaman.

If the injury had happened a couple of years ago, I’d have been a bitter person, cursing my luck that, of all people, it had to happen to me. But now I realize that shit happens. One fine day you just wake up to the fact that you have a terrible injury and you simply have to deal with it.

What really helped me cope up with the injury was the realization that it could have been far worse.

Imagine being afflicted with a terminal disease tomorrow. What would you not give to get to where you are now? Or say you lose your loved one in an accident. Many of us cannot even bear the pain of imagining it. Doesn’t life feel precious, just the way it is?

I’m not saying we must be merely complacent or simply resign to our fate. We must certainly be ambitious, always striving to do better. But my point is: while we are working toward our goals, we need not be miserable.

Most of our unhappiness is self-inflicted and needless, as we lose our minds over petty things. It helps to take a moment to pause and be thankful for your health, your relationships and all the people in your lives who make your existence meaningful.

Remember that before we came into being, there were revolutions, world wars, the rise and fall of mighty civilisations, and the birth and death of millions like us. The world went on as if we didn’t matter. In the future too, the world will go on as if we never existed. We are merely transient, our self-imposed importance ephemeral.

All we have is this one life, and it’s ending one year at a time. No matter the uncertainty or adversity, once we realise the fragility and preciousness of our lives, we don’t worry over stupid things.

Life is too fleeting to stay miserable. It taught me to take each moment as it comes, count my blessings and be grateful for it.

On that note, I wish you a happy new year. May you find joy in everything that you do.

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  1. Kathakali..

    Happy New Year and thank you so much sir 😇😇 Wish your speedy recovery. 🙏

  2. Ragaranjani Senthilkumar

    Nice Blog in the start of the year. Thank you sir. Get well soon. Happy New Year 🙂

  3. Aman Choudhary

    Gratitude ! .
    Happy new year Anudeep . we all pass through such injuries in life but its the way how we deal with it. With self-motivation and determination , such injuries are tackled and you have shown the same . Yes off course its the present time which matters a lot and many people including great kings have come and gone on this planet Earth and we are also transient.

    Nice to see a positive officer with positive attitude in new year 2019 . I wish you something special :-

    – May you become a cause for few people in your AOR(Area of Responsibility) to change their fate and they live their life in a better way.
    – May you indulge yourself in education reforms so that the new generation can make correct decisions for themselves.
    – May you supervise you work in such a way that at least few corrupt people have fear of law in their minds and avoid some corruption for benefit of society.
    – May you help the mother nature so that the environment be more greener in 2019.
    – May you help your surrounding more clean and more green .

    Happy New Year.
    jai Hind !

  4. Vinit

    Amazing writing. It clearly reflects how grateful you are for every single thing.

  5. Anonymous

    Sir, even I have undergone sever illness in 2018, that is when I realized importance of life which is a one time boon!! I battled my illness positively, learned about human body interactions with the climate food nature & everything. Life a journey…travel it with gratitude!
    Wish u quick recovery and may this new brings lot more on your way…
    Happy New Year😊

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Amazing to know that. Wish you good health and a fantastic new year ahead.

  6. Anonymous

    happy new year…. starting this year with a positive note… thanks for wonderful post…

  7. Sumedha

    Me blog baundi sir.. Happy new year.. I wish to write like u someday.

  8. swapnil hirve

    Happy new year sir
    Stay always touch your blogs are true helpful to thinking diverse perspectives.

  9. Sravya

    Happy New Year Sir!!
    Thank you so much Sir for educating us with your beautiful blog.
    I wish you have a beautiful year ahead!!

  10. Veereshwari

    A very happy new year Sir!

    The post was worth the wait 🙂

    After reading your post took out some time to reflect back on what I learnt in 2018. Felt light. A beautiful exercise indeed. 🙂 Thank you!

    Thank you sir for coming up with a new lesson in your every new post.

    Keep writing! 🙂

    Take care Sir!

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      After a long time, I finally got some time to write, which is why the delay.

      Thanks for reading and your wishes.

      1. Arunima Roy

        Dear Anudeep (Sir), I must say how beautifully you have described the fragility of life, our fears/ inhibitions and yet to accept and appreciate life by taking each moment as it comes.
        I can relate with this post as Jan 2019 was the month when everything was fine and suddenly one day my father needed to be hospitalized but thankfully it was nothing much serious. But in those few days life taught me a great lesson and somehow I got strength to accept the situation and face it with courage.

        Totally agreed with you on this that days might be challenging but we need not be living in misery. And yes ‘ Gratitude ‘ is something I felt in every bit of those hours as I received the support of my friends, my father’s office and my family 🙂

  11. Shalini Dey

    Happy new year sir,
    I was eagerly waiting for ur next post☺
    U r truly an inspiration for everyone today..
    Get well soon sir.
    From ur die hearted fan..

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Thank you, Shalini. Wish you a happy new year too!

  12. Gayatri Satapathy

    Happy new year sir, way of expressing ur life experience through ur words really inspiring, thank u.

  13. Preet Kaur

    Happy New Year Sir. Wish you quick recovery and have a smiling year ahead.

  14. Anonymous

    I’ve to did learn in 2018 is -“The game of Time “.
    You have Fun, you should have Fun. 😊

  15. Aamir Hussain

    I have lost two of my beloved once and i still can feel the pain it has been a miserable year leaving me all alone but as you said i felt the same thing while recovering from that pain we are transient and ephemeral and unhappiness is needless and we have to cope up as time goes on
    This article is so related to my 2018 and i want to thank you for spreading such positivism
    Happy New Year
    Hope one day i meet you as your junior and thank you personally for many things which you shared online!!!!!!!

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      So so sorry to hear about your loss, Aamir. I wish you strength to overcome the unimaginable pain you must be going through.

      Thank you for reading the article and saying that you found it of value. Wish you a happy new year, and hope to see you as a junior in the service. All the best.

  16. Learner

    That is really amazing perspective on which, probably, all of us need to ponder over.
    I believe, Life is merely a bridge between birth and death, which we all need to cross without harming others and ourselves.
    Thankyou very much sir.
    Jai Hind!

  17. Harika reddy

    Haaappy new year sir… .Have a speed recovery… Get well soon….

  18. M

    Hello Anudeep
    Always look forward to read words penned down by you. You writing is not magical alone but it has a healing power too. But you don’t write much. Maybe because of your hectic schedule. But would always love to read more. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      My current travelling schedule doesn’t allow much of writing. But I am trying to get done whatever I can in the limited time.

      Thank you for reading and the appreciation. Happy new year to you.

  19. Anonymous

    HAPPY NEW all whoever reading dis comment…Waheguru❤ sabko khush rakhe..n apko b Sir.WONDERFUL LINES wrote by uh..

  20. Anonymous

    Happy new year Sir and Thanks for such wonderful and inspirational thought at the start of the year.

  21. Pooja

    You think a lot!! To think clearly is a way to happiness, you think clearly and so you will have happiness. I don’t know if you know, but Osho once said that gratitude is the real prayer, to live with a sense of gratitude is real godliness or religiousness. Happy New year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Thank you for the quote and wish you a happy new year.

  22. Ayushi

    I am a big fan of your articles…so heart touching and meaningful they all are….eagerly waiting for more to come…😊😊😊

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      I’m glad you like them, Ayushi. Thanks for the appreciation.

  23. Anonymous

    what i learned is one dealing with problems and one is inspiration from you,unknowingly you changed me a lot.After many years i come to see a great person ANUDEEP. IAS..

      1. Anonymous

        dear sir,
        sometimes we feel happy when we get reply from our role you are making many inspirers happy by giving positive thoughts.may god bless you with whatever makes you happy.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      The comment traffic on social media is too high to handle for me. Blog is where I’m at ease.

      Less number of comments, more quality.

  24. Neha gupta

    Thank you sir!! Again your post inspired me and taught something.From today, I will stop cursing my destiny.

    Wish you a happy new year, quick recovery and have a smiling year ahead.

    And yes, how was my city??

  25. subashini

    happy new year anudeep sir…u r such an inspiration to millions of people…..whenever i feel demotivated i started reading your post…keep on writing more stuffs sir….all d best for ur future endeavours….

  26. Hrishikesh Haragapure

    Your every article is like a sort of enlightenment…keep ‘enlightening’ us. Thank you.

  27. Anonymous

    This is one of the most beautiful new year message I have come across. You write amazing stuff. Warm regards and best wishes.

  28. Soumya

    Hope is the one word that can describe everything that I learnt in 2018 sir.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      As Andy says in Shawshank Redemption, hope is indeed the best of things.

      Wish you an even better 2019.

  29. Asha Deepthi

    Two things attracted my attention to a great deal….! One is, feeling miserable while working towards our goals…yes., we do feel being trapped in an impasse while all others r busy finding their temporary destinations of happiness. That despondency flows perennially at the back of our mind as long as v r working for a specific target. N now.., i feel happy to discover that this feeling is not unique to me..!
    And…,the second thing is, the philosophy of existence in the line..”the world will go on as v never existed” How different our world would be if everyone recognises this bare truth?! May b not the happiest place but would surely have been a safe place to live in…devoid of avarism, greed, materialism n deception.
    And…finally thank you for writing not just like an ias officer but also as a common man who faced all kinds of odds n struggles ;understood each n every critical situation in its whole length n breadth and experienced enough to extract inspiring lessons that guide the generation.

  30. Anonymous

    Thnx for your article sir… eagerly waiting for the next….

    Wishing you a very happy new year…

  31. Nandani

    I have read your blog today, who made me full of positivity.

    It is true many people in the world are frustrated with small things and forget their goals. Instead of being disappointed in life, we should learn and move on.

    Your post is the source of inspiration for many people. You keep writing like this, my good wishes will always be with you.


  32. Utkarsh's Blog

    Good lord!
    I tore my left knee ACL 2 weeks ago and am in the exact same situation as you described. Thanks a lot for the write-up, I needed this! 🙂

  33. Ankur Jha

    This article was truly worth the wait. Your writings reflect a sense of acceptance and gratitude towards life.
    Wish you a very Happy New Year 2019, Sir !

  34. Anonymous

    Happy New year sir!!
    Get well soon ..
    U r such a great inspiration for all UPSC aspirants n for others also..
    N I really like your positive approach towards life.
    I think this is the reason for Ur success n good health!! TC n all d best for near future☺️

  35. aishwarya palagummi

    “Imagine being afflicted with a terminal disease tomorrow. What would you not give to get to where you are now” – Beautifully written words!

    Hi Anudeep sir, Thanks for giving us such a positive article. Most of us spend so much time in counting others fortunes that we forget to understand how much blessed we are. Everyday, I see people complaining about lot of things, corruption, crime, poverty, failure of governance, capitalism etc. Yes, we do have lot of issues pertaining and we all have to contribute in solving but in spite of those problems, we are able to sleep peacefully. Isn’t this enough to prove that we are lucky? There are parts of world people are struggling for basic human rights. We are lucky to be not a part of them. Sir, your article reach maximum number of people. This is really motivating. Once again, Thanks for writing this.

  36. Lakshmi Priya

    Amazing read. Always looking forward to your posts sir. 🙂

  37. Divya

    Although I’m quite late here, “Learning” described 2018 for me. It was a tough year being in my final year of M.Tech. and self-prep for Civils. I have taken a gap year this year and can define 10/12th of 2019 as “Hopeful” as of today. Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts, Sir.


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