The Foundation Course Begins

By | August 29, 2018

At Charleville Block, LBSNAA

“Officers’ Mess of this academy is not a casual place. It is an institution. When you are here, you must be proper in your attire, polite in demeanour, and must always uphold this institution’s decorum and dignity.”

These lines from the introductory session here at LBSNAA, Mussoorie are still ringing in my head as I begin my Foundation Course (FC) at this academy. This 100-day course, mandated for all new civil service recruits, is designed to instill not just the academic knowledge, but also the discipline and life skills expected of a civil servant. We are taught history and polity, law and economics, administration and management. But these are hardly the things that make this academy special.

It’s only when you sit in the auditorium listening to the course faculty speak about the rich history of the academy and its institutions, you truly appreciate this place’s eminence and realise how lucky and privileged you are to be sitting there.

While preparing for the Civil Service Exam, every aspirant, at one point or the other, dreams of being at this academy. I wasn’t any different. For years, I thought and imagined myself walking in these hallowed portals. In April 2015, when I had the chance to visit LBSNAA as a participant for the Inter-Service Meet, I looked at this place’s sheer grandeur and wondered longingly, “Will I ever revisit this academy as one of its own?”

After more than three years of endless wait, the day did arrive. On 26th August 2018, as I stepped into the academy, I had imagined the journey to be emotionally charged. Truth be told, it wasn’t to be. Instead of the surge of emotion I expected, the experience was rather mundane.

It’s only a few days into the course that I’m able to appreciate the feeling of being a trainee at this exceptional place. So much history is embedded in every corner that all I have right now is a sense of fulfillment and gratitude to everyone who had helped me reach here.


“Character is the highest virtue.”

As I begin this new journey, I feel thankful for my parent service, the IRS (Customs & Indirect Taxes) for it had given me many close friendships. I’ll especially cherish my time spent with my batchmates playing football and travelling to various Customs and Central Excise offices across India.

For all the perceived inadequacies that one may have about the job as a taxman, my stint in the IRS has taught me a lot— from how to make a file noting to how to conduct a review meeting, from learning to interpret a tax law, to writing a tax judgement, from earning government revenue to administering a government office. It’s been such an exciting, enriching journey. I have no doubt that, even in my new job, the experience I gained during these four years would be priceless.

The next 100 days at FC are going to be glorious.

What do I look forward to? The mountain treks, the camaraderie, the friendships, the disciplined life, and most importantly, the joy of learning.

I’ve always enjoyed interacting with people who have done extraordinary work in their respective fields. Hearing them speak is equivalent to reading a book. I eagerly look forward to all the talks at the academy by eminent speakers from diverse professions— former and current civil servants, constitutional authorities, politicians, authors, academicians, CEOs and NGOs.

I also promised myself to teach myself one new skill during these 100 days. I declare it here so that you can hold me accountable at the end of my FC and so I am pushed to pursue it sincerely.

Elon Musk once said this— “We need things in life that are exciting and inspiring. Life can’t just be about solving some awful problem. There have to be reasons to get up in the morning.”

Right now, every morning, I feel that excitement.

Until next time,

58 thoughts on “The Foundation Course Begins

  1. Anonymous

    Sir,LBSNAA is also my dream place.Wish you all the best and also waiting for my turn.Thank you for sharing these,it was very energetic.

  2. lasya priya

    Nice article sir,all the best for ur career and i hope that you fulfill your duties and responsibilities in a flawless manner.A lot has to be changed in our existing society like unfair treatment of few sections of people,reservation system,corruption,transparency in government actions etc.Sir please look into these matters deeply and contribute your bit towards healthier society.Thank you.

  3. Pramod Raj N R

    Anudeep sir.
    Every word that you write has a lot of power in it sir. For aspirants like me, you are a very great inspiration sir. Keep writing sir it really helps us a lot. Hope someday i get to write like you do and hope someday i get to meet you.
    Thank you sir.

  4. Veereshwari SK

    Its true that ‘every person we meet has got something to teach us’. Your posts leave behind important lessons that we can pick up and reflect in our life. It’s not just the goal that you have reached that inspires me to read your articles, but the journey you have travelled and the way you handled your mind has alot to teach. Looking forward to learn more from your experiences.

    Thank you!

  5. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

    Thank you everyone! All these encouraging comments from diligent, patient readers are the reason I keep writing. I’m grateful to all of you.

  6. Asha Deepthi

    You are blessed with the gift of spelling an enigmatic magic on ur readers.,Anudeep.!
    This night.,when I’m in short of a good book to read.,this article exceptionally served the whole purpose…
    The lines u wrote describing ur longing to be at the place are splendid…
    “Imagined myself walking in these hallowed portals..;will i ever revisit this academy as one of its own..”
    Words loaded with intense emotion never fail to pierce through the layers of readers hearts n u seem to have a great expertise in constructing them!
    Keep going…young man.!
    (Lots of support from Andhra…!*)

  7. Jaspreet

    Hats off sir.
    U have every quality to be called as an idol of a person.
    U are real inspiration sir.
    Keep going ??

  8. Amit

    Thank you sir
    After reading these inspiring line .we learn alot from you,sir
    Please continue to share your experience.
    Again l thankyou, sir
    May god bless you

  9. fighterpreeti

    Sir..can you suggest someone appearing with Agriculture optional

  10. YouTube user

    Your thoughts are so insightful. It’s like reading a book on positive thoughts. I felt like I am reading ‘The Secret’ again. You just ooze positivity, enthusiasm and a sense of rising every day in me so that I too can be a part of this institution’s glorious past, present and future. Thanks a lot for inspiring me this much.

  11. Anonymous

    Can I get mains booklist link from anudeep durishetty please help!


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