How to Ace Anthropology Optional: Book list and Basic Plan

By | June 17, 2018

Note: There a total of 3 blog posts on Anthropology. This first article primarily talks about my book list and the basic approach I followed. The second and third articles deal with topic wise detailed plan for Paper I and II respectively.


Book List

These are the sources I referred to for my Anthropology optional. There is no need to read these books from end to end. You must go topic wise as per the syllabus and read these books to get a good grip over the subject. Apart from these, use online sources and newspapers to enrich your knowledge and answer content.

Paper I

  1. Braintree material
  2. Physical Anthropology – P Nath
  3. Anthropology Simplified – Vivek Bhasme (very good source for diagrams and answer structuring)
  4. Anthropology – Ember and Ember

Paper II

  1. Indian Anthropology -Nadeem Hasnain
  2. Tribal India – Nadeem Hasnain
  3. Anthropology Simplified- Vivek Bhasme
  4. The Tribal Culture of India – LP Vidyarthi
  5. Xaxa Report
  6. January 2014 edition of Yojana- Tribal and Marginalized Communities

Note on diagrams and answer writing

While preparing for CSE 2017, because of my hectic work schedule I was hard pressed to just finish the syllabus in the limited time I had. Because of this time crunch, I could neither make any topic-wise notes nor opt for any test series. I learnt how to write good answers from the book Anthropology Simplified by Vivek Bhasme. Most of the diagrams I practised too were from this book.

Online Resources for Paper I and II

  1. Khan Academy –
  2. Anthropological Theories:
  3. Genetics:
  4. Anthropological Survey of India:
  5. Ministry of Tribal Affairs:
  6. Tribal faces of India-
  7. Govt. schemes and tribal related news reported in newspapers
  8. Diagrams related to anthropology: I practised many diagrams from the notes of Kirthi Chekuri (AIR 14, CSE 2015) published in this Insights article
  9. Physical Anthropology slides

Books for general reading

The following books have absolutely no bearing on Anthropology optional preparation. But for a curious student of this subject, these books are incredibly fascinating to read. Much ahead of me choosing Anthropology as my optional, it’s these books that got me deeply interested in the fields of evolutionary biology and genetics. Pick them up in your leisure time and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

  1. Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari
  2. The Selfish Gene- Richard Dawkins
  3. The Blind Watchmaker- Richard Dawkins
  4. The Gene- Siddhartha Mukherjee

Anthropologist Jane Goodall with our Chimp cousin. This NatGeo film on her life is fantastic.   Image credit:

Basic Plan

While you refer to the aforementioned booklist, these are some of the tips you should keep in mind.

  1. If you are a complete beginner in Anthropology, your focus must be on gaining conceptual clarity and not on quickly completing the syllabus. Always remember that on the final day, it’s your clear understanding of the subject that lets you write good answers.
  2. In the booklist I mentioned, there’s no need to read every book from cover to cover. When you are reading from a book, always have the relevant syllabus chapter/ topic and previous years’ questions in mind. They will help you to stay focussed and will give you an idea of how much to study from each book.
  3. For absolute beginners, Ember and Ember is a great book to start with. When I began preparing for Anthro in Jan 2017, I started with this book. I loved it so much that I read it cover to cover, even though such detailed reading is not at all needed from the exam point of view.
  4. If you are making notes, they must be rich and comprehensive in content. For this, start with one standard core book, make notes from it and then add relevant content from other books. I’ve dealt with this in detail in my subsequent posts to this article.
  5. For both the papers, wherever relevant, quoting examples and illustrating with diagrams is absolutely pivotal. Paper I must have tribes names from the rest of the world. Ember and Ember is rich resource for many such examples but the pity is that there’s no way to memorise them except by rote. Collect such examples in an A4 sheet and revise over and over.
  6. Attempt as many Physical Anthropology questions as possible. They are largely static with immense scope for diagrams. You shouldn’t go wrong on those.
  7. Use internet and YouTube extensively for understanding Physical Anthropology concepts (especially Genetics). You can find very good explainer videos and documentaries. In your answers, wherever relevant, you can also write about the latest findings in the field. For example, in a topic like genetic inheritance, briefly mention about current research in epigenome, DNA methylation and how it affects gene expression.
  8. Answer like a specialist. Definitions, introductions, criticisms must be scholarly. That is, you must mention Anthropologists’ name, their work (year of publication too, if you can), its criticism by other thinkers. Examples: a. Bronislaw Malinowski in his work “Argonauts of the Western Pacific (1922)” describes the importance of Kula Ring in the economic systems of Trobriand Islanders  b. Franz Boas in his article “The Limitation of the Comparative Method of Anthropology (1896)” criticized the evolutionary approach and laid the foundations of Historical Particularism.
  9. For a particular concept, apart from the main thinker, try and quote works of other Anthropologists as well. For example: In Tribe-Caste Continuum of Paper II, everyone writes about Bailey, but if you can also substantiate your answer with works of Surajit Sinha on Maria Gonds, this will give your answer an edge.
  10. Use internet and newspapers to collect good case studies to illustrate Tribal problems. Cram latest statistics pertaining to them. A thorough reading of Xaxa report is an absolute must for Tribal related portions of the syllabus.
  11. Keep tabs on the latest news pertaining to Anthropology. It can be a new fossil discovery, launch of a new govt scheme for PVTGs, or a new finding in genetic research etc. When you read papers, have an eye out for such news and collect them in a separate notebook so that you can revise them before the exam.
  12. Apart from reading books, dedicate adequate time to practise diagrams and label them correctly. Consistent practice helps you draw fast and draw neat.

Anthropology is a terrific subject to learn. If you put your heart into it, you can easily ace this optional. My best wishes.

Note: For the benefit of UPSC aspirants, I am working on a detailed guide book on how to write powerful Essays and compelling answers (GS and Anthropology Optional) in the UPSC exam. Subscribe to this blog to download a free chapter and to hear first when the book launches.

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    1. Anudeep Durishetty

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          No. He said in some interviews , he didn’t take couching for Anthropology.

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  6. Santhanam

    Sir what’s the difference between socialogy and anthropology,does anthropology deals with only tribes or does it include study of scheduled castes.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty

      Anthropology studies how we evolved from being insignificant apes to a primitive tribes. Sociology takes on from here and studies how we evolved from primitive tribes to establish complex societies.

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      You can be assured that this blog will be alive for a long time, though the articles will cease to be about UPSC exam after a point.

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    Sir…I’m a student of science background but want to go with anthropology optional…..How should I start…. kindly mention from which book should I start???
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    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Bro, the whole point of the article was just that.

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  15. Kavya

    a lot of candidates clearing this time had Anthropology as their optional so my coaching suggested I change mine because this one might not perform so well next year. Is there any truth to this? Are optionals really subject to such trends? I would gladly switch to another ( I’m considering psychology but I’m worried I’d have to compete with graduates and post graduates in the subject) since I haven’t really started on Anthropology and the only reason I chose it was because my graduation subject (dentistry) is not amongst the optionals and I liked “The Selfish Gene”.

    And if you suggest I stick with Anthropology then how many months should I give to it? Do I have enough time to complete it properly to attempt in 2019?

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Whether an optional would do well or not, no one can tell. If you like the subject and can write better answers compared to others within your optional, then you need not fear. You’ll get good marks.

      So stop wasting time on unnecessary speculation.

      1. Rishikesh

        Sir I am hesitating to take anthropology as optional as I will have to remember so many people ,their work ,difficult terms and many hard examples.Sir is there any solution for that or I am just worrying unnecessarily. I am completely beginner.I am afraid of especially physical and biological one.I have keen interest for anthropology. Help me sir!!!!

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    Or someone have pdf plz send link.

    1. Anonymous

      Buy it from a shop, bro. You don’t have to be stingy when you want to become an IAS officer

  17. Amit

    Sir,my situation is quite similar to yours.I had given 4 attempts already with Pub Ad optional,in which i got 230 in 2016 and 261 in 2017.I failed to clear 2018 pre.2019 will be my 5th attempt.I can’t take the risk of keeping pub ad since you know the unpredictability of Pub Ad.I am ready to put in my effort,can Anthro be covered in 4 months?
    Please advice me,should i go with the change

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Let’s say in Quantum Physics if I get consistently poor marks, I’d be fine with it because I know that I suck at that subject. But the the problem I had with Pub Ad was that to see a subject with such sterile, deceased content was delivering such poor marks even after preparing so thoroughly. As I mentioned in my ForumIAS video (available on YouTube) even after 4 years of preparing for Pub Ad, when I saw a question, I had no idea where to start or what to write.

      Tackling each Pub Ad question became a perverse exercise in decoding the examiner’s mindset rather than answering each question clearly and directly. That uncertainty and obscurity was just killing me. And not to mention the fact that since day one, I found theories of “thinkers” like McGregor, Argyris, Likert, Mary Follet to be lifeless, pretentious and total garbage.

      Add to it the fact that, “questions” in Pub Ad are random quotes taken from some godforsaken research paper that NO ONE ever cared about except the paper setter. How do I write about a quote without its context? When you are asked such question, you are inevitably sucked into that deathly vortex of double-guessing examiners’ intention in asking the question, instead of answering the question itself.

      So all of it pushed me to change my optional. And when I wanted to take a new optional, of course I was very reluctant to write off that massive four year sunk cost in Pub Ad. But I always told myself: “If I fail with Anthro, that’s okay. I would be failing on my own terms and not because of an awful subject like Pub Ad”

      Sorry if it felt like a rant, but since you asked, I wanted tell you my reasoning clearly and honestly. If you could relate to the difficulties I faced with Pub Ad, then probably it’s time to dump it.

      Regarding Anthro, I prepared for it along with a job, so I took around 6 months to finish it. If you aren’t working, then 4 months is good enough time to do it.

      1. Amit

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    I would like to know, can a non science student opt for anthropology as an optional?
    Considering, I do have some interest in this subject.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Yes, anyone with an interest in the subject can take it up.

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    Can you please tell me where did u find the braintree material. i tried searching in net but couldn’t find any.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      I bought it at Vikas book store in Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad

  23. Parag

    Thank you so much sir!!…. I have anthropology as optional….. I’ve completed coaching 5 months ago …. now I’m confused about should I join test series and prepare or should I first study and then join test series…… thank you in advance for your input!!

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      If you had read the entire syllabus at least once, you can join a test series.

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    Sir I did coaching for paper 2 anrhro last year should take coaching this year or after prelims plss help me out am really confused.

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    Thank you!

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      I’m really sorry, I have no one in my close circle who cleared CSE with Botany.

  26. naina tara

    Congratulations Anudeep 🙂

    your article was quite interesting and covered a lot of my doubts \ questions, esp where should i start reading from.

    This will be my first attempt. I just started preparation without coaching. so, i don’t really know about how good are coaching materials. I am assuming they would cover everything in the syllabus as they are specifically designed for UPSC. A lot of toppers refer to various institutes coaching material

    Why would one need different coaching materials [Various Books are fine but materials!!]
    So, can you please let me know if its just to clear concepts or for case studies or is there any other reason? i want to buy Brain tree material

    i am a science student fascinated by Anthropology. Still thought Pub ad will help me [without really looking at anthro.. Was only driven by which optional will help me cover considerable mains syllabus]
    i even bought all the pub ad books :-D. could not figure out what was bothering me after reading
    a little.
    Your blog answered what was putting me off about pub ad

    1. Naina Tara

      Hi Anudeep,

      I read your other articles on Anthropology. Your articles are amazing. Simple and detailed coverage. I wonder how long you took 🙂 thank you very much.

      I have a few more questions today.
      1. Did you buy the brain tree material from Amazon? They don’t have it on their website [which is unlikely though]
      2. Brain tree is a coaching material – Anthropology simplified is a “For UPSC in Q & A format”. From you articles what i understood is Brain tree is for concepts in paper II. Anthropology Simplified is for diagrams in Paper I and a few concepts in paper II. please correct me if there is more to it.

      3. i was always a text book reader, no question banks – that’s the reason behind these similar kind of questions. – Do you suggest reading relevant topics from a book and building on it from other books during second revision\ answer writing Or Read each topic from all the books – make your own notes and revise!!

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  31. bhumishrivastava17

    Hello Sir.
    I am doing my Master;s in Zoology but still find it enormous to complete. I am thinking of switching to Anthropology for my maiden attempt in 2020, because of slight overlap with Zoology (evolution, genetics, etc.) and also because of my genuine interest in the subject.. Can you please tell me if it is able to completely and conceptually understand this subject with only self study? I can manage 4 hours per day for optional, how much time will it take to complete the syllabus?
    Thanks. 🙂

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Yes, you can manage the entire subject on your own.

  32. januarylexa

    Thanks Anudeep. Do you think it is feasible for a law grad (with humanities in 10+2) to take up anthropology as an optional? I want to know the extent of “sciencey” i.e. biology knowledge required, and can keeping an open mind and regular effort make up for the (thus far) lack of it? Thanks!

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Pick up Ember and Ember and read it for a week. You will be able to tell if you like the subject and whether you can take it up as optional.

      Anthropology need only absolute basics in biology. You need not fear it. In fact vast portion of the subject has little to do with biology. So do the exercise I suggested for a week. If your gut feeling says you can do it, then go ahead.

      1. Anonymous

        Sir, Can you please share a link for Ember and Ember book in Amazon or flipkart I can’t get that book..

  33. sonali brahme

    sir any coaching classes for anthropology you please suggest me sir..
    i am confused which one to join..
    some is saying vijetha others saying sapiens.. some saying vaid sir..???

    1. Abhi

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    As someone who cannot afford coaching and preparing on own in this subject,how should one approach the answer writing part …. When and how?

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    1. Anonymous

      12e is available in India. 14e hasn’t yet been published for the Indian subcontinent, if you can get it from with the expensive shipping then do that. But it’s not necessary, e&e 12e is good enough as a primer and explainer. A few new discoveries or theories are lacking which you will anyway study from other books on this booklist.

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    Sir can you please upload your anthropology notes too for both paper 1 and paper 2. So that i can get idea how to prepare notes for anthro just like you polity notes.

  41. Pavani

    Hi Sir,

    Im taking coaching for anthropology, im pretty clear about subject and attending classes regularly, after class can i directly study from Anthropology Simplified through question and answers or do i need to study first P Nath and brain tree material then Simplified Anthropology ? Im confused …can you please clarify me on this …thank you

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  48. Himadri


    Really appreciate your guidance… its really helping me and many others too… From all this blogs we are getting a clear idea what we have to study and how we should go for it….

    I was looking for the Anthropology by ember n ember… but got confused a little after searching on amazon, as there are lot of books…. Can u pls share the link from amazon/flipkart… it will be really helpful…

    Looking forward to your help.


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    My age is 30 and this will be my 4th and last attempt(i.e. 2019). Starting from today means Feb 1st, I have started with Anthro because earlier I had Pub Ad as my optional and I don’t have any confidence in that subject.

    My Query : As I am starting today, I only have, for Anthro 2.5, months before pre in June and at max 1.5 months after it, considering 5-6 hours daily and revision requirements. Considering this time crunch, if you can please suggest that if this time devotion is enough or not. Because I am really worried if the syllabus will get finished or not.

    Thanks in advance and Congratulations.

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    sir,i am karthik,i did my grdiatue in telegu.i have been prepairing for group1 services for three want to prepair for civils.i am 27 years old.this time if i take this decession is right or wrong?.couid you please tell me your opinion on my dession.

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    I am preparing anthropology optional without coaching and this will be my first attempt (2020). I was wondering if you could share some sample of your solved anthropology papers so that i can get an idea of how to frame an answer in this particular subject as every gs and subject needs different approach for an answer.

  61. Ajeyandra Sharma

    Is it the Ember and Ember with Peregrine book that you referred earlier ?

  62. Deepanwita

    Sir, I am beginner of Civil service exam. I am from West Bengal, and here is no such good institutions for preparing IAS. So my qs is, how can i choose my optional subject? I have no science background, I am completely arts background student. So if I choose Anthropology as an optional would it be beneficial for me? And without coaching how can i prepare for Anthropology? Pls sir suggests me. I am totally confused.


    sir, is there any answers copies which u have practiced for anthropology. please upload it sir it will be very useful as bhasme is more complex and want little guidance to write precise answers

  64. Tyxon

    Sir are you referred braintree material by gs karthik or muniratnam

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    Sir from where to get Anthropology Simplified by Vivek Bhasme?
    Its not available Online as well as offline for me…?

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    Hello Sir,
    I am in my final year of bachelor’s, and preparing for UPSC 2021with anthro as optional, I am preparing my optional before starting GS so that I can maximize my optional marks, so should I start with the notes as mentioned or should go with standard books,
    And if I should go with standard books then is it necessary to buy all the standard books at once?

    1. Mihir

      I also want to appear for upsc 2021 with anthrop Optional. Can we move together?

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    Is it compulsary to join coaching for anthropology optional

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    first of all congratulation for ur success. Sir my background was botany,zoology and chemistry in bsc. Is this optional is good for me?? Bio portion is my intersting topics genetics and all. But my fear is with the non science portion like tribe Society etc. Sir i take coaching from ksg i have nkt manage time for optional,Gs and ca simultaneously. How much time will take this subject for entire syllabus??

  69. S B Saheb

    Congratulations Sir for such a great achievement. And we always thankful to you for such great concern over many new dreamers.
    Sir one doubt…?
    I saw three years question papers, there are more number of questions from tribal culture,behaviour, and their issues and their protection, constitutional safeguards etc.
    And questions from physical anthropology
    Are we go to read each and every topic of what they mentioned in the syllabus plz tell me Sir…

  70. Anonymous

    I had biology in +2 level ,but I switched to English honours in my graduation due to immense interest in that subject . But I really don’t want to opt for that subject as my optional in upsc due to various reasons. I have seen Science and engineering graduates taking that subject ( mostly ) , but I’m from humanities background , will it be wise if I go for anthropology , or I should stick to some humanities subject for upsc optional?

  71. Prerna Rathee

    Hi sir, congratulations for your marriage first of all.

    Sir, if I read anthropology for a month before prelims and 3 months after the prelims. Will it suffice? Will I be mains ready?
    (Beginner in anthropology)

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    Hii sir,
    I’m studying in microbiology
    So will I choose the arthopology subject?
    I am interested but I have no idea about how to manage and how to prepare for this subject
    Sir please give me some idea.

      1. Anand Chandrasekhar

        Anudeep sir first of all ineed to appreciate for the effort you had put on your new book it reflects in every part of it., i just started to study as per your guideliness as you had mentioned. ember and ember is really an interesting book, but seeing the huge size am in stage of confusion that can i read and remember all the points from ember and ember by reading it cover to cover?sir please help.

  73. Jessie

    Hi Sir
    How to prepare for prelims and what are the books should we refer for general studies.

  74. Dilip

    Hi Sir,

    As per your article I gathered my resource and started preparing in a order,
    1. first watching video class(I have brought from my friend also a beginner)
    2. Making a notes from video
    3. Reading the Brain Tree material
    4. Finally practicing answer writing with the help of Anthropology Simplified – Vivek Bhasme

    My question is,
    while taking weekly revision(whatever the syllabus I have covered in the week) I’m unable to revise all the materials(class notes, brain tree and Vivek Bhasme)

    So, making a short notes from the above materials it becoming a lengthy task for me, what I feel is instead of making notes can I revise the Vivek Bhasme’s notes for complete preparation(after reading advance book like)

    I request you to suggest the best method(OR your strategy) for revise.


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