Beauty of Science

If we can attain a speed of 300000 Kilometeres per second, we’d be direct witnesses to a contracting space and and a frozen time. If we can go deep enough to subatomic levels, we can perceive the physics behind the cheerful play of subatomic particles. If our lives can span over eons and epochs, we would marvel at the theory of evolution in action. We would have been spared of the grinding effort that went into theorising and proving a relativity theory, an atomic theory or an evolution theory.

Sadly enough, all of it is possible only in our tiny little figments of imagination, constrained as we are by the physical limits imposed on us.

But how this incredible thing called science more than makes up for our inabilities as a species. Isn’t it amazing that we have unravelled and continue to unravel the deepest mysteries around us- from minute atoms to the expansive universe- through funny little equations scribbled on trifling pieces of paper?