Beauty of Science

By | July 7, 2015

If we can attain a speed of 300000 Kilometeres per second, we’d be direct witnesses to a contracting space and and a frozen time. If we can go deep enough to subatomic levels, we can perceive the physics behind the cheerful play of subatomic particles. If our lives can span over eons and epochs, we would marvel at the theory of evolution in action. We would have been spared of the grinding effort that went into theorising and proving a relativity theory, an atomic theory or an evolution theory.

Sadly enough, all of it is possible only in our tiny little figments of imagination, constrained as we are by the physical limits imposed on us.

But how this incredible thing called science more than makes up for our inabilities as a species. Isn’t it amazing that we have unravelled and continue to unravel the deepest mysteries around us- from minute atoms to the expansive universe- through funny little equations scribbled on trifling pieces of paper?

9 thoughts on “Beauty of Science

  1. Anonymous

    That Quote at the end, I am assuming since you’re a big fan of Roger (tennis) you picked up that quote from Stan Wawrinka’s hand. He has a tattoo on his hand with the same Quote.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Yes, I first saw it as a tattoo on his hand. Wawrinka epitomises that quote. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    You write so well.How did you inculcate this .Please refer some books that will help me boost my language.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Thank you.

      Reading non-fiction books really helped.

      Regarding my suggestions, I guess you can start with ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Harari. He writes wonderfully.

  3. Vikas Muley

    Hello Anudeep Sir, myself Vikas, I am IAS aspirant from Medak dist. First of all thanks a lot for taking this genuine initiative to share your entire strategy with all of us. The best thing about your blog was that you not only taught us what to do but also how to do it, not to be judgemental but this part was a major missing in many of the toppers talks- very few of them mention the “How” part.. Once again Sir, I am very grateful to you, you have guided us in such a way that we can actually bring it into our real practice..
    Their is one request from my end sir, regarding the content development and language improvement, you have suggested us to go through some non-fiction books or any book..Could you please post a list of some books which you found to be very useful for you. Initially, we usually be having no idea of which book to go about, if we have something realiable information to incline, it will give us a good start, after getting habituated I think we can sail on our own. It would be very helpful for us if you post such books Sir

    Thank you..

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      An Uncertain Glory – Amartya sen
      Imagining India – Nandan Nilekani
      India- Patrick French
      India – John Keay
      Why Growth Matters – Arvind Panagariya
      The Difficulty of Being Good- Gurucharan Das
      Ideas for India- Bibek Debroy

      These are all good reads on India that’ll help you improve language and content.

  4. Praasad Viswanadha

    All we have is this one life, and it’s ending one year at a time. No matter the uncertainty or adversity, once we realise the fragility and preciousness of our lives, we don’t worry over stupid things.

    This is really inspiring me


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