My UPSC Journey: From Despair to Destiny

By | May 16, 2018

The best things in life don’t come easy.

Sometime in February 2016, UPSC declared that I had failed in the Civil Services Examination. That was my fourth attempt and third failure. The result didn’t seem as bad then, convinced as I was of my own supreme ability and UPSC’s blatant bias. My inner voice immediately went about searching for excuses. “I must have flunked the language paper. Or some clerical mistake? Surely I must have been wronged!

I eagerly looked forward to my marksheet, mostly to confirm my own prejudice. When the marksheet finally arrived, the scores read as follows, starting with marks in Essay: 100,74,66,91,68,75,91. A grand total of 565, way behind the cutoff. If there were an individual cut off for each paper, I would have probably failed in all of them.

Thus at the end of four gruelling attempts and five years of toil, there I was. I get my worst result in the year I had worked the most. In that moment, the marks didn’t seem so bad— I knew I had failed that year anyway. What difference does a marksheet make?

But like a potent poison slowly making its way to my head, it was only in the hours and days later, I could truly grasp the scale of my defeat. I didn’t just miss the cut, I was nowhere near the competition. My failure was undeniable and total, and it shook me to the core.

Most of us begin our Civils preparation treating it only as an exam. But slowly and surely, as we face hurdles and endure suffering, the exam takes center stage and getting through it becomes our only objective. So when we are defeated in this exam, we almost feel defeated at life. And so it was with me.

The failure crept inward into other aspects of my being. It eroded my drive, confidence and morale. Both professionally and personally, I turned indifferent and underconfident. My day to day life became lethargic, timid and was one of mere existence— I was a walking dead man. And within no time, I unconsciously fell into the most crushing of traps: I was convinced that I am not good enough.

This is the sinking feeling every failed aspirant goes through. No one comes into the preparation thinking of giving this exam twice. That is why for many of us, the first failure comes across as shocking, the second humbling and the third absolutely devastating. I was indeed devastated.

At that point in 2016, for me to give another attempt was to risk another failure, and I couldn’t afford it. I wanted to save whatever little confidence that was left in me. I simply didn’t have the courage to carry on, and I knew I had hit a dead end. Within days, I decided to quit. I packed my papers, bundled my books, cleaned my shelves and dumped them in an obscure corner just so that I don’t even accidentally catch the sight of them— for they represented symbols of my inadequacy and collapse.

From that abyss, it took me a couple of months to recover. I realised that life was slowly drifting away, and I didn’t want to standby as a mere spectator. I focussed on work, learnt taxation laws, pursued my interests diligently and took up meditation as a hobby. In meditation, you train your mind to see things clearly. And I did begin to see things clearly.

I realised that I was so absorbed in this relentless exam cycle that I didn’t recognise my own hubris. For all my failures, I kept blaming UPSC, the examiner, my optional, my pen, the clerk entering the marks on the system— everything and everyone apart from me.

Blaming UPSC or someone else only gave me a false sense of satisfaction, made me feel good about myself, but did not in anyway help my cause. So instead of wallowing in self-pity and victimhood, I decided to own up to my failures and accepted that I failed because I didn’t deserve. Once I had accepted this, the inner voice that was so adamantly justifying my failings simply faded away.

The break helped me see that my failure was not that I couldn’t clear in previous attempts, but that I had learnt nothing from it. Year after year I kept repeating the same mistakes. I toiled hard, but hardly made any progress: I was running on a ground that was fast shifting beneath me.


In December 2016, eight months after my debacle, I sat down to think hard and think deep to understand why I failed. It was not an exercise to avenge my defeat, I just wanted to know why.

Prelims couldn’t have been a problem— I always got a good score. Personality test was ruled out too: in the only interview I had given, I got 204. The conclusion was inevitable— I sucked at Mains. It stood like an impenetrable wall against which I had been hitting my head all these years. So I drilled deeper to diagnose my problem.

I downloaded toppers’ answer booklets and invested endless hours going through them. After a while, one thing became evident: Their answers weren’t in any way extraordinary (If you see my answers now, you’d realise the same). I zeroed in on the fact that it wasn’t because of lack of knowledge, and that my failings lay elsewhere.

My optional scores were a big problem too. I’ve always felt my optional Public Administration was treated unfairly. But this time I faulted no one, and I had to do something about it.

In Jan 2017, I decided to take up Anthropology. It was a bold decision: I hardly had 9 months to prepare an entirely new subject. On the other hand, I loved Anthro and it ignited my spirits and breathed intellectual fire into my otherwise dull preparation cycle.

Against that thick, impenetrable wall in front of me, now I had a small chisel. The challenge was daunting, but I kept reminding myself a quote from the film Shawshank Redemption: “Time and pressure. That’s all it really takes.”

I’ve always believed that Sports represent a microcosm of our lives and I’ve taken inspiration from many athletes. Roger Federer’s resurgence in 2017 couldn’t have come at a better time. I kept telling myself: After being written off by everyone, if he could come back and win it at 36, why can’t I?


In July 2017, I enrolled at the ForumIAS academy for GS and Essay mains test series (online mode) and wrote my first test on 26-08-2017. I timed the clock, took the test from my home and wrote all answers at my usual writing speed. In a paper I took 3 hr 42 minutes to finish, I scored 87. The problem was clear as daylight.

I didn’t lose heart but worked to improve. The next test took me 3 hr 20 min; and finally by the end of 4th test, I could finish my papers within 3 hours.

The comments and assessment on my test series papers were incredibly helpful. I worked on their feedback to improve my answer content and presentation. Also, during this time I came across answer booklets of Prajit Nair (AIR-87, CSE 2016) and they were absolute gold. I adapted my writing style based on his answers. Points over paragraphs, simplicity over sophistication. Overtime, I’ve learnt to put dense, quality content in fewer words and tighter sentences.

All through this rigorous exercise, my aim was not to clear the exam with a top rank (it never really occurred to me), but to prove a point to myself that I am not a loser at this exam. The battle was intensely personal.

And so I practised and practised hard. On workdays I used to take out at least 3 hrs for preparation, and on weekends I slogged by the sweat of my brow.

Just before my Mains exam in Oct 2017, securing a top rank was never on mind. The immediate, burning goal in front of me was only this: in those 3 hours, for those 20 questions, I’ll answer and answer them well.

Which I did. When I walked out of that examination hall on Nov 3, 2017, I knew I gave my best shot.


When the final results were declared on April 27, 2018, the immediate feeling I had was one of overwhelming disbelief. No one expects to top the exam, especially after failing so many times.

It’s only after sometime that the gravity of the accomplishment finally sinks in. And when it did finally sink in for me, I was slowly overtaken by a feeling that was much more precious. The emotion wasn’t one of ecstasy, but one of contentment. It was a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction that I had won this personal battle.

After my results, when I went back to my hometown, I had people who came up to me, pulled me close, cupped my face in their hands and told me that they are so overwhelmed with joy as if their own son has topped this exam. The happiness I sensed seeing their faces is much much more than what I had felt on the day of my results. And in that moment I told myself this: all the effort, all the pain and all the suffering was well worth it.

Today, at the end of my UPSC journey, I stand with a firm newfound belief: when you own your failures, you become a better person. And when you work hard to overcome them, you win. And win big.

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

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        Sir, please guide me how can I improve my English .. writing or speaking skills.. for UPSC

        1. Deepak

          One way increased mine is by trying to speak English with my parents and sisters. It doesn’t matter how bad you speak, first at least start and also reading English newspaper (the Hindu), and while going through it, checking out the words in dictionary which I didn’t understand and noting them down day by day so as to revise at end of day helped me much to my surprise. NOW I BELIEVE IN THIS METHOD…!


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    We have something in common, our unflinching love & utmost reverence for Roger Federer (and Barcelona!!!). I hope that soon enough I can have another thing in common with you – a rank in CSE. Thank you for sharing your story. It’ll help so many aspirants out there who are battling their own demons everyday.
    And a huge huge congratulations once again! It’s an incredible achievement!!
    Looking forward to your blog – you write so well 🙂

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      You’ve been so humble in your defeat and gracious in your victory. A mark of an extraordinary gentleman. God speed.
      A well wisher from Bhoal

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    I hope you will help :/…??

    1. Anudeep Durishetty

      This is the exact problem I faced too. The only way you overcome is to put a timer and practice writing consistently. First see how many words you are able to write in a minute and then keep improving. You can sacrifice your neatness a little to write faster.

      Regarding thinking, you should take a proper test series and write atleast 10-15 tests before Mains. Once you do those many questions, your brain is automatically wired to think faster even as you write.

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    1. Anudeep Durishetty

      Since everyone’s busy giving Prelims, it would make more sense if I pen down detailed Anthropology strategy after Jun 3 so that more aspirants get to read it.

      It will be up soon.

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    There, this is where I am right now and can’t put it in better words. Already too late to start my UPSC journey with hardly 2 real chance before age beats me to it. Thanks for those words…. After all its a personal war….One that I am not ready to let go without a fight 🙂

    You seems someone who is honest to yourself and that’s the kind of inspiration the world needs …. Wish you all the very best.

    From a Nadal fan ( and a RM fan too :/ )

    1. Anudeep Durishetty

      We all confront challenges, it’s the mindset that helps us face them. It only takes one attempt to get a top rank. So having two is not an impediment. Give your best and you shall win your personal battle, too.

      My best wishes!

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    1. Anudeep Durishetty

      Thank you for the wishes.

      Before I write a detailed post on that, my brief thoughts on the subject:

      1. Many aspirants preparing with job already have an inferior complex that since they can’t put in 12 hrs a day, somehow their preparation is substandard. Erase such mindset. So I accepted that I was working and that I couldn’t change it, so instead of complaining I took it up as challenge and always strove to do my best in the limited time I got. Mindset is crucial.

      2. Have a dedicated plan ready for weeks and months ahead. See the syllabus and divide it into topics. Now based on the time you can put in per week: with job, I assume you can dedicate a total of 15 hours on 5 weekdays + total of 20-24 hrs on weekend. Make a chart of how many topics you can finish by this week, by this month etc. And always stick to these plans. It’s these small targets that will ensure that you finish the syllabus on time.

      3. While on the go, use Mobile to read or listen to current affairs.

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    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      I had a glance at it and found it tough.

      But you must keep in mind that CSE exam is relative, so you only need to score better than others. Even in such a tough paper, if your fundamentals are right you can get a score of 100-105, which I think is enough to clear it.

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    2. Second, you mention about that you downloaded toppers’ answer booklets. Are the booklets freely available on internet or need paid subscription of any coaching institute?

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    When you do something best in life, you don’t really want to give that up – and for the GOAT it’s tennis, for you it’s IAS.

    Sir I’m an abecedarian taking the exam for the first time.

    I’ve no clue about how to prepare for the exam.

    So far I’ve heard that going to Delhi is one of the best way to get proper guidance and prepare precisely, but I’m wondering if you might go about it in a different way. I’d love your valuable input.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      I wrote a detailed post on coaching and whether it’s necessary to go to Delhi for it. Please go through. I am sure your queries will get adequately answered.



        looking forward to your anthropology strategy. I know you are not that confident about it, but it would help us get at least some assistance.


        1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

          I’ve written detailed posts on it. Please find it under ‘Optional’ tab on the website.

  58. Sunandhana

    Hey Anudeep, after going through your detailed journey to your success the following points striked my mind.

    1. A lot of people failed at what you accomplished, simply because they were busy finding problems while you were busy finding solutions.

    2. Skills can be imparted, but the will to persist and persevere is inborn… a talent you have been blessed with. Well done.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      1. From my experience, where people go wrong is in not accepting that there might be some flaw on their part as well. Far too often, we tend to assign blame on others, which only worsens the problem.

      2. I believe even that will to persist can be cultivated– by sustaining that unflinching self-belief even in the face of adversity.

  59. Ramani

    Hearty congratulations Anudeep sir,

    I would like to convey you two things ,

    On April 27th , the most happiest moment for my mother was that you had topped the Civil Services. I can still remember the excitement in her voice when she had called me at an unusual hour to inform about your achievement. She was so happy as if I had achieved the feat. And I am sure she might have watched all your interviews in TV.

    The other thing is , me, right now targeting for 2019 found your blog posts and interviews very informative. You write in such a lucid way that the reader senses it as dribbling of honey.
    Being a Fedex fan like you , I used to wait for Nirmal Sekhar Ji’s article in Hindu after every grandslam win of RF. With such eagerness, I am waiting for your further posts related to mains and optional.

    Kindly, if possible please try to upload your evaluated answer scripts Sir.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Thank you Ramani for your kind words. It makes me happy to hear about your mother’s elation on my success. Please convey my sincere gratitude to her. 🙂

      More posts on GS for Mains (especially answer writing) are in the works. Along with the article, I also plan to embed my answer booklets. Hope you find them useful.

      PS: Nice to know that you are a Fedex fan too. Here’s wishing for his 21st title at Wimbledon this year. Cheers!

      1. Ramani

        I had conveyed it to my mother Sir , she was surprised at first and later felt very glad about it. 🙂

        Thank you so much sir for your time , motivation and guidance that you are providing for the aspirants like me.

        Wishing for a Federer vs Nadal finale and 21st title for our GOAT ( revenge for his 2008 defeat).

      1. Sam

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        Literature (Telugu) ki Ela prepare kavali sir…
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        Thank you sir 🙂

  60. Deepanshu Kaul

    Many Congratulations to you, Sir! After 2017 debacle, I am going through these phases. With Mains in a few months, I still can’t figure out the low scores in Essay(107) and GS1(89). I always got good marks in Vision Essay and was happy with mains too. GS1 was the only paper I could complete and tackled the googlies too- Juno, Malay etc. In the end a paltry score has left me dumbstruck.
    I am working on the strategy you have suggested for Essay but hoping for any insights for GS1 paper ?
    Thank you.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Blog posts on GS will be uploaded soon.

  61. Neeraj

    U must be feeling top of the world and should be. Happy for you buddy I am preparing for 2019 one and gave 2018, it went all over me, first of all did not prepare at all, but preparing for 2019, and not taking coaching. Too much tension already.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Tension because you know that your preparation isn’t up to the mark. Do your bit, with cent percent dedication. All this anxiety will wither away.

  62. Anonymous

    Incredible journey sir… Really motivating bounce back .
    .Inspired me a lot

  63. Nishigandha

    Dear Anudeep,

    Being the UPSC topper means being a guiding light in preparation and inspiration for all aspirants. You come across as a very humble, honest and knowledgeable person. This is very reassuring to us as aspirants that even toppers go through various issues but if you keep going success is assured. Thanks a lot for your write-up. Its very very helpful. Also to whoever I have talked to is all praises about your personality and there is clearly lot to learn from you.

    Thanks again.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      That’s very kind of you, Nishigandha. Thanks! 🙂

      1. Anonymous

        Sir, can you suggest me how to prepare for literature(Telugu)

  64. Anonymous

    You are gem of a person. Such a personality in a successful person is rare to find. Thank u so much for sharing wisdom and helping many of us. 🙏🏻

  65. Anonymous

    Sir pls provide mains booklist and ur approach towards mains papers.

  66. Priya

    how many hours do you spend for learning?
    how do you revise either weekly or daily?

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Number of hours don’t matter as much as what you really learn in those hours. Quality trumps quantity, always.

  67. dreamcivil

    hai sir,
    congratz .iam preparing for 2019 civils, my optional is antropology, i am working profesional like you
    i required the resoucres and book list you have followed in preparing civils,
    thanks in advance.

  68. Ravi

    Hi Sir
    Congrats and Thanks for sharing ur motivating journey.

    Plz guide on answer writing strategy specially how to begin with it- from writing summary of an newspaper article or joining test series directly or begin with focussing paperwise/subject wise or any other way.
    What should be the stages of mastering it from nowhere?

    There are many good tips avaible on how to increase marks by structuring answers, use of flow charts,etc but I have no clue from where to start with.
    Plz guide on above query…

    Thanks for considering

      1. Ravi

        Thanks a lot. Wish you good luck for all your future goals..☺️👍

  69. Anonymous

    Hello Sir,
    Thank you for all your articles. Truly inspiring and extremely helpful.

    Can you please suggest any books on mindfulness for beginners?
    Also, apart from Sapiens which are the other non-fiction/thought provoking books you would like to suggest for an aspirant?

    Thank you again! 🙂

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Mindfulness – Joseph Goldstein
      Why Buddhism is True – Robert Wright

      You can also start with guided meditation:

      ‘Head space’ is another great app for beginners

      Non-fiction books:

      Homo Deus
      Animal Farm
      Why Nations Fail
      Selfish Gene
      Deep Thinking

      1. Veereshwari

        Thanks for suggesting Sapiens in one of your videos. Just started with it and its really interesting one.Thank You Sir for this list 🙂

  70. Yasaswi Saraf

    Hello sir!
    Heartiest congratulations to you for the blessed success!

    Sir I’ve just begun my preparation for upsc. I feel pretty lost! Because I don’t know how to study and from where to begin! I aim to sit for the prelims in 2019! And I seem to be running short on time!

    Sir if you could kindly suggest me how to begin my preparation! And what could be the best strategy, timely efficient for me as of now!

    It would be of great help sir!
    Thank you.


    Everything happens for a reason sir…..and you made this reason to remembrance not only for you but also for many…UPSC chronology of toppers will list you in its golden wall as long as UPSC in indian constitution exist and beyond that system of evolution of homo sapiens sapiens and its culture and activities of its important personalities will never forget you sir…

    Heartiest congratulation ,
    With personal warm regards

    PRABHATA-A micro-scopic part HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS Group.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Thank you my fellow Sapien. My best wishes 🙂

  72. Gayatri

    Journey from “D battle was intensely personal “, to a guide who inspires all other aspirants, to a hope for public, inspired me a lot. Thank u sir for dis post.

  73. Maninderjit Kaur

    Thank you for this blog sir. It is inspiring, useful and a delight to read . You truly stand out being so grounded even after the success. There is no way you could not have been successful with that fine balance of humility and confidence. All the best for future.

  74. Anonymous

    Thank you sir I don’t have any inspiration till 29 years of age to go through UPSC but now somewhere I found a motivation to crack it. Although I have only 2 attempts I will try my best to satisfy my desire and got success. I am a working person and married also so please suggest some strategy and motivation also.


    Sir, thank you very much for sharing your journey which was not only hard but uncertain indeed. But now seeing those books and papers must be filling your heart with a containment, reminding you the amount of sweat and ink you have vested striving for excellence. Its really inspiring to hear your story. I am an UPSC aspirant …left job after working 5 years in private sector and now preparing for the exam.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Thank you Ankit. My best wishes for your exam.

      Have the belief and keep fighting!

  76. Sam

    Hi sir,
    Firstly I wish you hearty congratulations sir. Sir can you suggest me how to prepare for language (Telugu).

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Practising last five year papers and referring to a Telugu daily should be enough.

  77. vijay kumar

    Hi sir. this is vijay kumar from Jagtial karim nagr. I am preparing for civils from last 2 years, but i couldnt clear prelims 18. Some times i am losing my confidence and i feel i am zero..could u mind please help me in to tackle this situation..

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      This exam is not a good parameter to gauge your capability. So don’t lose the faith. You abilities are way better than what this exam suggests.

      Work on your mistakes, take a test series, practise enough questions. Focus should be on improvement, not on your future success or past failure.

  78. G P

    I felt as if it’s my duty to congratulate you and thank you for these words of yours. Every time I feel down and have to look for inspiration, these are the words I head back to.

    The 3 things that you shared at Vision IAS platform in Hyderabad are like a lesson for life.
    Thank you so much for showing the way.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Great to hear that G P. All the very best to you.

  79. Nirmal Deepak

    Can you please give me idea on how to be in word limit, bcz when I write answers, I goes in flow thinking everything is important for this question, and at end I found it not possible to put all words in given word limit and later realised that I hadn’t write what was actually required in the question.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      I always found time limit a better indicator to tell you when to stop. For a Mains paper, you need to finish at least 80 marks worth questions per hour. So in the first hour you need to finish eight 10-markers, which translates to two 10-marker questions every 15 minutes. So write only to that extent that you catch up this demand every 15 minutes.

      Once you have that overarching target, it’s not possible to keep overshooting word limit. You will helplessly move onto the next question as soon as you exhaust the time limit set for a particular question.

  80. Nirmal Deepak

    Sir, can you please tell me, how to utilize time effectively, I’m asking this bcz, I will Appear for cse in 2020 due to dob issue, since I have good time left, so can you please suggest some measure that I should follow, that will help me or to get through it in one go,i have done a basic reading of ncert, and taking classes in Vajiram, any thing which will improve my efficiency and time management,, newspaper reading. Etc. . What would you do, if you are at my stage, provided you have gained all those your journey experiences, the mistakes that you shouldn’t have done, I have seen you interview, but ans for me, thank you sir,

  81. kamal pant

    HI My self Kamal Pant,

    Anudeep bhaiya !! congratulation

    Now you are real Roger federer of me who always fight with own battle,actually,My UPSC journey bit late but not end,I have completed 29 years of my life journey on 1-23 years–study till PG,23-29 years—job in service tourism sector,At present I am in Africa & thinks for the UPSC Battle after reading your blog,How to starts my journey,need in one answer from you.

    My Plan first–

    Study UPSC website & all pillars of CSE (prelim syllabus & Mains)

  82. Anonymous

    Dear Anudeep,

    Your journey has become a guiding light and path to fight the failures. Couldn’t be more thankful for helping me out to face the defeat and yet to fight to overcome the failures and move ahead. Thank
    you for bringing back the hope.

  83. Anonymous


    Awe Inspiring indeed and Hats Offs to the realisation process you have gone through. I have only two fundamental questions one regarding you and another for Prep:
    1. What worked when you clear UPSC and got IRS?
    2. How do you relate any current affairs topic to the Main Syllabus (which is too general) as the Current affairs topic is very much specific.

    Do help pls.

  84. Anonymous

    Sir congratulation for successful journey..sir ur handwriting is awesm..would u pls tell me which pen u use for ans writing practice and in exams also

  85. Yogesh

    This brought tears… Helpful for me..!! I learnt humbleness from you..! I always tell your story to my friends and family. Plz keep sharing your precious views.👍huge respect😐

  86. Moulya

    Hi Sir, iam a big fan of urs….. iam Btech Food Science and technology graduate and currently working in a company. I want to become IAS officer, can u please suggest me about optional subject ??

    Thanks and Regards,

  87. Anonymous

    Every time I read this give me goosebumps..
    You are an inspiration to all the CSE aspirant
    There is no other substitute than hard work
    Thank u sir for inspiring me 😊
    Pls post your strategies during working hours.

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Glad to know that and thank you for reading. I’d written about time management on work days in one of the comments. Please find.

  88. Keshava

    My heartly Congratulations sir,now i started self preparation for civil services exam 2019.Is 8 months time suffient to complete the syllabus of prelims?
    Iam also preparing for the competative exams like polytechnique lecturer of AP state government.
    Is it good to prepare both exams at a time or focus on one exam? Please give your valuable information sir.

  89. Aditi

    Hey Anudeep,

    Let me start by congratulating you and your family on this tremendous feat. I can only wonder how immensely proud your parents must be.

    Secondly, I was in a bad place motivationally and happened to have chanced upon your blog. But what a positive chance it was. Your post resonated with me. That line “I failed because I didn’t deserve”, I needed to hear that. I haven’t been the most hard working person and most of my life I have been able to get away with it. But once I started failing these papers, rather than accepting my faults, I just sat there blaming everyone from the establishment to the papers. But that line made me accept that I am failing because I haven’t given my best yet. Hell I haven’t even truly given my 50% in over an year. Your post has made me reassess both my attitude and my preparation and pin point the problems. Now I am determined to find a solution, a way out, a chisel, if you will. I am going to work hard. For once in my life I want to take a paper where I can come out and tell myself, “You did the best you could.”

    Thank you for this honest piece. They are so hard to come by. It is uplifting to read how a now successful person used to feel exactly like you currently do, like a failure. It gives you hope. That, if done right, there’s always an out. And like Andy says in Shawshank, Hope is a good thing, maybe even the best of things and no good thing ever dies.
    Oh and go Federer!
    (And I am sorry for I fear this has become a little too long. I really needed to hear this. Thank you once again and more power to you.)

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Thank you, Aditi. I think I can totally relate to your words. Most times, I could get away with minimal effort. It was only with UPSC that I was taught a lesson, the hard way. And as Andy says in the film, hope is the best of things.

      Wish you all the success ahead.

  90. Anonymous

    Dear sir,
    First of all Sorry for the disturbance. Sir today november 24 is my special day.Because from my two years when my graduation completed my parents requested to write UPSC but i rejected and i simply made explanation software job is my profession.But now on november 22 when i read your blog and i saw all of your interviews every video and every article in your blog,instagram, youtube, twitter.i decided to write UPSC.and i informed this to my parents.My mother was silence and she asked reason.i said just for change but did n’ t said you are reason to my change.Now my parents are very happy.i started preparing from november 24 2018.i searching for the text books you have suggested in your blog also My father suggested me some books.i think you are the IAS brand ambassador to our state.
    Thanking you,

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      I’m glad to know that. All the very best, Vaishnavi.

  91. Swati Rana

    Sir, my journey of some past months would have been easy if i would have followed this ‘ here and now’ . Unable to catch where I was going wrong but got to know now . Thank youu for sharing these insightful lessons ..

  92. Veena

    Sir I wanted do my dream job IAS . But the thing I don’t have any idea of it I mean what all are the books to study , which is the best institute to join gor coaching can u please suggest me the book source and a best teaching institute sir . Please sir it’s my humble request

  93. manogar

    Such an inspiring story to witness. As an aspirant, where to start the journey to be answered.

  94. Sravan

    Sir.. I am a student from remote village near Jagtial studying btech in CBIT HYD 2nd year from mechanical stream… Going through your journey was so inspiring.. Proud that you are from metpally.. I feel I can fly to my dreams with little guidance.. I want to give a start for UPSC preparation from now.. Tips from you so that I can improve during my degree.. That might be HELPFUL to me ..

    1. Anudeep Durishetty Post author

      Please go through other posts on the website.

  95. Sanghamitra s

    Thank u very much sir..You are inspired me and your thought is very helpful to all the ..failure..
    Again,thank you so much sir.😊

  96. NoName

    Sir, if you can then can you just suggest me since I left a job and have gone all in with the UPSC with almost no backup plan! I am bit worried about the outcome!

  97. Aman

    Congratulations on your achievement Sir.
    I graduated this year and I am currently working in a private company. It would be quite difficult to leave the job and start preparations. I would like to know about your post graduation journey. Did you prepare while you were working or you started after you left the job. That would be really helpful for me.

  98. Anonymous

    sir, I was going through your blog last night.the whole night I just kept reading your blog,your answer sheet and all those priceless tips that you give through it. From last 1 year of my UPSC preparation always I felt that there was something missing in my preparation.. and last night I got the point from your blog from your answer writing style..your note making process, something that have given me a momentum to my preparation.Thank you sir,Thanks a lot.

  99. Jagdish Bhutte

    Sir,did you not try Insights secure or Iasbaba for mains answer writing in your previous attempts?

      1. manjunath patil

        Sir I read your blogs often.
        I want to know actually what you had done in your previous attempts.
        So that I could know am I doing the same?

  100. Anonymous

    Thank you sir for sharing your experience. It’s worth the read. 🙂

    Can you share your meditation techniques and the ways through which you bought your mind at calm?

  101. kaushik

    Thank you sir, for sharing your journey. It’s really really a inspiration for me.

  102. rajatyadav1994

    Anudeep, I am not an IAS aspirant but resonate with your post at many levels. Since I first discovered this post, I keep coming back to it to get perspective on my own life’s struggles when the going gets tough. To dare to accomplish a seemingly insurmountable task and to have every failure devour you is a story that rings too close to the heart. Happy for you.

  103. Ankit

    Sir is it worthy to put so much effort for upsc even when u are pretty sure that u will not get your preferred cadre and will have to work in small districts where surely quality of life for family will be low and more importantly for a person like you who could have easily got a good corporate job from bits pilani .

  104. Rashmita Nanda

    Really you are a real hero. Now I can gain strength to prepare for it.

  105. Rashmita Nanda

    Sir, currently i am in class 12th in a remote area of Odisha. Sir i need some suggestion like how to prepare for it as a beginner. And what are the most reliable sources? Which subjects are to be given top priority to clear UPSC?

  106. Praful Patil

    Sir,reading your blog inspired me, not to loose the spirit of fighting odds in our life. I believe, I will work hard again to make my dream true to become Astronaut.

  107. Anonymous

    Sir, can you please suggest me the best coaching center in hyderabad ? as i am in search of it.

  108. Reema Padhiyar

    Sir, for your this beautiful story of UPSC jouney the title comes in my mind is “BEST TEACHER IS ALWAYS YOUR LAST MISTAKE”

  109. Aishwarya

    Anudeep Sir,
    Absolutely admire your outlook on things, clearing an exam is one thing, shaping yourself as a person and becoming a greater version of yourself is another.
    Lately I feel clearing this exam is overhyped because the real journey starts and not ends there.
    In UPSC world, journey is more enriching then the end itself.
    Success is misunderstood and depends on perspective too- I am sure you will be successful in actual terms doing great work in the position you have earned for yourself!

  110. Md Mumtaz Ansari

    Sir I am in third year in graduation I don’t know where to start preparation for CSE.

    Lot of saw interview of toppers.

    Fews are telling that start from 6-12 NCERT books and others start from NCERT class 12 with standards book of upsc

    Please guide me sir.

  111. Aasa Deepika Kuna

    “In meditation, you train your mind to see things clearly. And I did begin to see things clearly.”
    Sir, this is exactly what I need at this point of my life. To see things clearly and create a harmony and energy flow into what I do. Can you please link the meditation guide that worked for you.

    Thank you.

  112. Abhilash

    Inspirational experience for me..
    I noted down few quotes from here.

  113. Adtiya soni

    Sir… your success story is really motivational.I am in class11 and I decided to work hard for u pcs.

  114. Naveen kumar

    Thank you sir
    my upsc journey also started
    You same time motivate for me and many people’s

  115. Neha Soni

    I am also three time failure in UPSC prelim(actual 2 times because 1st time i couldnot complete my syllabus just i known about UPSC in december 2016 and then i prepared so not completed) but still i am giving now my best afforts for clear this exam , more clear all concepts,
    Thank you so much for motivate and guide us as a good way.
    Still now just i thinking that language is my problem because i m preparing in my homtown language gujarati and sources are available in hindi and english only, so for understand the topic it took time more, but now i am used to and not takes more time, i am preparing my notes in gujarati so for refer n revise its easy for me.
    again thank you sir.

    1. Reshma

      First of all congratulations sir for ur great success and salute to ur courage for giving next attempt till reaching your destiny and undergoing the whole process again and again. I am working in a bank and also civil service aspirant and regularly appearing in prelims. But in last two years I am qualifying CSAT but not Paper 1 . 50 percent òf the questions that I have attempted goes negative. Sometimes I think tht not even I have cleared Pt till now how would I complete my whole journey. But many times I make my mind to give another attempt. Sir please suggest . Is it necessary to join test series.?.

  116. Suchismita Majhi

    In my whole life…I always think there’s a limit of everything….there is limit of my patience also. Now after reading this I realized ,somewhere I am wrong….


    Good morning Sir, myself Dharmendra Singh Bisht,2019 was my second attempt and first full prepared one.. i didn’t cleared the prelims this year though i feel i was too close to pass through cutoff.. if i didn’t have committed some silly mistakes during attempting questions. I was scoring around 100 this year but seems like cutoff went above 105.

    I have Few Question in my mind running right now…

    1.As i am preparing from home ( Self ) ,What should be my approach for next attempt ?

    2. I don’t read newspaper ( hindu/express) as it is not avaliable here in my village..but read insights daily CA synopsis and 2 others monthly compilations like insight and one more diligently.. would this approach is good or should i read newspaper too ?

    3. Many Toppers says revise 5-6 times.. how to do that sir? I read only 3 times in this attempt… plz do tell how to manage time in a day … and tackle revision ..that willbe very helpful for me..

    4. You would Have a Lot Of experiences of up and downs in your journey towards 1st rank .. plz share some tips to tackle this situation of not clearing even the prelims ?

    Thank you In Advance, Sir.

  118. sudheer

    I was told that u r posted as assistant collector for Bhadradri ;hope u will do unique things to improve the living standards of the people like creating awareness reagarding education ,health…and make the district at greater heights ….all the best

  119. Naveen

    Congratulations sir for achiving this mile stone, sir i want suggestion from you. That i want to start my upsc preparation from where to start i dont no can you help me and other thing is i am not able to manage my time table sir please suggest me sir.

  120. Rishan

    I cried reading this… I felt like… I won the battle with you… Thank you sir..

  121. Samyuktha

    Whenever I feel demotivated the only medicine is your blog and your interviews sir…The word thanks is not enough for thanking you….thanks a lot for inspiring,for guiding ,for motivating and for everything… eagerly waiting for your new posts and books…keep motivating…:)

  122. chandu

    Hi Sir,

    I am a working IT professional. Could you please help me out the sources which i can refer for gs online.

  123. Shreya

    Hi sir , actually this year my maths marks were not great I meant to say it was the worst , I was failed in each in every subject I got 80,85,90 above but in this subject only I lost because of which for the rank that I was expecting from 4 years I didn’t came my percentage was there on the board but my name was not there ( I am in class IX and want to become an IAS officer in future ) by reading this I think I am really motivated thank you and please it’s my request keep posting these articles .

    Thank you 😊😊

  124. Ravindrakumar Jala

    Dear friends
    Please Give respect say sir not anudeep k it’s good sense we should respect ias officers.

  125. Chetan

    Need Guidance
    Dear friends i belong from reservation category and my age for 2020 cs attempt will be 35years.
    i have attempted 4 times writing all mains and a interview. after that i joined job in IT and continuing, in between i gave attempts but couldn’t clear prelims.
    This time im feeling of giving this my final attempt to clear the CS examination. Im shifted to new project hence will be in less job pressure and in between free time to read.
    My request is please guide whether its good decision. does age hinder my result.
    Is any candidate cleared the exam in 35’s,
    does many attempts and age impact in interview.

  126. Saurabh Shivam

    Sir, please kindly tell us, the mistakes of a serious aspirant who fail their prelims or mains of UPSC CSE.

  127. Tanmay

    Sir, how to start meditation..give me some suggestions or book for guidance.


    Sir where you take the coaching and how many hours you were reading.

  129. Abhiman Rath

    “A Crestfallen man will eventually find his way to the destination”

    Thank You Sir for sharing with us about the darkest hours you had been through.


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