[Video] Bharat Darshan

When our group of 18 IAS trainees began our Bharat Darshan journey, I wondered if it was going to be a mere transit from place to place. After visiting 15 odd states and travelling 20,000 km, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Near the Sino-Indian border, staying with the Army made us witness the tough life of our jawans. In Sikkim’s aspirational district, we’ve learnt how Gram Panchayats can work effectively to deliver public services. Down south in Chennai we visited Tulir, an NGO working tirelessly fighting child sexual abuse. In Chattisgarh, we’ve seen how an ultra-modern smart city was built from the ground up.

Can you guess the location in this picture?

No matter where we travelled, each place had something to teach us, something to inspire us. In all its diversity, our journey has taught us one lesson: India’s diversity is not only a source of unity but also its strength and beauty. And no amount of reading could’ve have substituted that sheer rawness of visual experience.

I wanted to write and document about it all. But sometimes to relive the journey, mere words aren’t enough. So here we present our story.

PS: After watching the video, let me know in the comments which chapter did you like the most and why.



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