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By | March 3, 2019

When our group of 18 IAS trainees began our Bharat Darshan journey, I wondered if it was going to be a mere transit from place to place. After visiting 15 odd states and travelling 20,000 km, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Near the Sino-Indian border, staying with the Army made us witness the tough life of our jawans. In Sikkim’s aspirational district, we’ve learnt how Gram Panchayats can work effectively to deliver public services. Down south in Chennai we visited Tulir, an NGO working tirelessly fighting child sexual abuse. In Chattisgarh, we’ve seen how an ultra-modern smart city was built from the ground up.

Can you guess the location in this picture?

No matter where we travelled, each place had something to teach us, something to inspire us. In all its diversity, our journey has taught us one lesson: India’s diversity is not only a source of unity but also its strength and beauty. And no amount of reading could’ve have substituted that sheer rawness of visual experience.

I wanted to write and document about it all. But sometimes to relive the journey, mere words aren’t enough. So here we present our story.

PS: After watching the video, let me know in the comments which chapter did you like the most and why.



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  1. Anonymous

    Sir your thoughts always help to think high.
    Love you sir.

  2. Deepak Kumar Jha

    Hello Anudeep Sir,
    This year I have given secondary examination and want to prepare for the CSE examination.
    So, from where I have to get start for this a very very long journey…..
    You will be always a great motivation to me.

  3. Ragaranjani Senthilkumar

    I feel happy whenever I see you Anudeep..!! 😊 by the way awesome video.

    1. Kansha

      Sir, I liked oceans chapter the most. May be Ioved that atmosphere.

  4. Rahul Mukherjee

    It was so good. And I have to admit the fact that, all the parts were fantastically attractive. Thanks for sharing.


    Hello sir, I liked forests chapter, I am a nature lover, and nothing turns me on more than seeing a forest filled with all kind of animal and birds, and the sound of nature.

  6. padma 2506

    Sir, if at all in the future I become an IAS officer , it’s because I really feel inspired by you sir . Proud of you sir .Tha Th you so much from bottom’s of my heart Sir.

  7. taruna dagar

    Sir all the chapters were awesome & inspiring….sir keep recording your journey as a civil servant….it’s a storehouse of infinite wisdom for us!!

  8. Bhaginder kour

    Hello sir,I mostly liked chapter-4(Deserts) that starting part was so nice.mostly I like the architecture and design part in that and in every chapter the background music according to their tradition and culture was so nice concept that’s amazing sir .
    I think the location of that starting pic was from jaisalmer.
    Thankyou sir for making this video and letting people know about different states.

  9. Anonymous

    Thank you so much sir for sharing the video.
    I most like chapter 2 as i love travel in water. And i hope i’ll be there one day.
    I always feel motivated by seeing you. You’re a big source of inspiration and my positivity. 😍

  10. Neha

    Hello sir
    Thanks for sharing this video.
    It’s really difficult to describe any single thing. out of all.As India stands for its diversity so as this glimpse of the Bharat Darshan journey.
    These are few things that I liked.
    Sikkim with its natural beauty and the tribes living in harmony with the nature, a rare example in today’s world.
    Andaman islands,I personally want to visit now. The sunset and the trees, very few things in the world can give you that pure joy and happiness that they seems to provide.
    The Cellular jail, the buildings of the British period all take me back in time. They give a chance to relive history.
    Forest😊,I am a nature lover in all its forms. And forest with their flora and fauna, it can’t be better than this.The monkeys, tigers, deers all in the wild reckless and free as they should be.
    Desert☺️ If I have to describe the palaces of Rajasthan it would be Beauty in the Barren.
    And lastly the song Satyamev Jayate playing in the background with the glimpses of Google, Amul and Gandhiji’s charkha, it’s so beautifully showed the progress we are making with strongly holding to our roots.
    This is my interpretation of the journey.
    Thank you again for sharing.😊

  11. Anonymous

    Its really courageous especially for all of us who are preparing for upsc.
    Thank you very much. I instantly watch the video when you posted the link on instagram the days before.
    Amazing !!

  12. Anonymous

    Like the chapter 1 Sikkim features. Really grt any seeing gram panchayat there

  13. Yogita

    Hello Sir, This was a great video.I liked every chapter, as everything had something to learn. Sir i wanted to ask u if u could please share the experience of ur first interview that u gave in upsc, like the way u briefed us about ur last interview. Please. 🙏

  14. Anonymous

    Hello sir,As a whole the video was superb and I liked the araku valley part,because their culture give that sense of true India,and made me think a bit about protecting their rich culture.Thanq for presenting such a high quality video sir,showing the rich diversity of our country.🙏

  15. Anonymous

    Chapter 1 is excellent. Women from leading panchayat to tilling the land.

  16. Harishakamtam

    Experiencing DIFFERENT CULTURES is one of the best things a human being can do.
    Inspired by beauty everywhere in the video.
    Thnq sir @anudeepdurishetty for sharing useful and knowledgeable info..

  17. Dr.Hemalatha Balaga

    The video is sheer beauty.You happen to be right once again.Sometimes words alone aren’t enough.The video says it all.Congratulations to you and your team.Couldn’t have done better.
    It does not seem right to pick only a particular chapter of the entire video since it showed various aspects in a different light.But if I have to pick one, it would be the oceans. Have always been partial to the sea since my hometown happens to be Vizag. It felt good to see Visakhapatnam and Araku in your video. We all thank you for sharing your experience.

  18. Smriti niveditha

    The video is great
    Perfectly edited

    My favourite part is definitely CHAPTER 1

    As i have profound fondness for nature and also for sikkim state
    Although i had never been to that state
    I love the fact that it is one of cleanest state with 100 percent sanitation and i could clearly see the beauty of nature. I am pretty sure people can sense peace from that state with buddism all over . Tathagata tsal was truly beautiful

  19. Anonymous

    every chapter is beautifully illustrated so its difficult to select one . but i definitely like to mention that after watching this video i have been thinking of doing Bharat darshan at least once in life 🙂

  20. Pratap singh

    Hi sir Gm …
    Please write a blog on how to start preparing UPSC to begginer

    1. Preeti Kasala

      All the best for your future career Anna.
      Best wishes from Hyderabad!!!

  21. Anonymous

    Hii sir
    It was so good to see all the states of our India dat u have mentioned. Mostly I like the architecture of monuments,u showed me dat all culture n traditions of different states.thankyou sir for making dis video and let people know the diversity of cultures. I always feel inspired by u.

  22. Anonymous

    Great experience to witness the diversity and beauty of India.By the way I just saw a tweet of yours sir about BBC dynasties.I think you are aware of Bbcs planet earth 1 and 2.Also I wishyou to watch BBC s wonders of the solar system,wonders of the universe, Life and Human planet.You will be awestruck by watching these too.These are narrated by prof.Brain cox

  23. Anonymous

    chapter 1 is excellent.
    Sikkim is multi ethnic and multilingual state. we could clearly see beauty of nature at 2:36.
    I think you gained more experience from Sikkim.

  24. Anonymous

    Watched incredible India from the lens of most credible persons of india.Thanq very much sir for showing the colours of India.

  25. Hemant Kumar

    Hello, Anudeep Sir,
    First of all thanks sir for sharing the “BHARAT DARSHAN” experience with us, Each Chapter has its own importance, and teach something which is beyond words. No Chapter is less important than others. But at the end of the video, the feeling of oneness emerged that is incredible. No matter where we live, all the parts of India whether it is mountainous areas, Oceanic part, Desert areas or Forest areas, they are the testimony of India’s Oneness. Unity in Diversity is our real strength. “Jai hind”.

    1. Anonymous

      She has already arrived.Infact shes the one who brought him to the world.His Mom’s Mrs Durishetty you see.

  26. Anonymous

    Diversity of India
    Bharat matha kii jaii
    Best wishes Anudeep Garu

  27. Anand

    Sir can you please name the tunes in starting of the video.. at ending i knew three songs.. but in starting i want to know the tunes in background

  28. Ankit kumar verma

    Respected sir,
    Choosing one chapter among all will be unfair with the glorious and ethereal beauty of our country. Entire journey of you and your team is commendable. We all your readers of block are seeking forward to get enriching stuff through your vast experience of civil services.
    Thank you

  29. Anonymous

    I see my fellow beings busy with their jobs and im struck here in preparing for civil services immediately after my b.tech. I always keep on motivating my self watching some success stories but im unable backstab myself .

  30. Anonymous





  31. preetisharma

    This is a great video, I like all the chapters, As an ias officer, I want to know which step should govt take Against terrorism

  32. Saurabh95

    Sir your video is very good they really motivate us….
    Can you tell How long was your duration of studying continuously without any break while preparation of CSE and maximum time also per day?

  33. Anonymous

    This blog post of yours definitely shows how Incredible India is! Beautiful compilation of the journey!
    Keep up the good work and keep inspiring!

  34. Sreelakshmi Gopalakrishnan

    Hello Sir,
    Am Sreelakshmi from kerala.Iam willing to appear for cse 2019.I have been reading The Hindu regularly from June 2018 and also i have been revising through the compilations monthly.But now i feel like i dont remember some facts.So should i sit back with the same compilations or should i buy new yearly compilations available in the market.Please suggest a strategy to cover the current affairs for 2019 prelims..

  35. Joy

    The best part of this video is Andaman Cellular Jail. Because in our society we have so many disturbing and evil elements (some notorious college students) who want freedom but they do not know what the freedom really is. They should learn something from our real freedom fighters atleast to be the real Indian.

  36. Bhaginder kour

    Hello sir,
    Sir I request u to plz share ur interview experience.
    One small request sir (IAS ane title mi degara lenapudu mi life ni meru Ela chusaru experience share chaiyandi sir)

  37. Anonymous

    Choosing one of them over the others would not be fair. India is a rainbow. All the colours are equally important and they all weave India together so beautifully.

  38. Shaun

    I think, putting your experience of Bharat Darshab into words and giving a detailed account of it would’ve been more interesting and exciting. The video doesn’t generate the curiosity that your writing generates. I admire the crystal like clarity of your writing..

  39. Nethra

    Wow …no doubt I like all the chapters particularly the chapter which includes mountains ,Beautiful nature ,The army forces etc …Iam the nature lover

  40. Umesh Chandra Kodopi

    Every time somthing new ..get from u sir…..

  41. Chandanarani Bishoyi

    I have come across so many Bharat Darshans.But yours is my favourite.

    Honestly I like all these 5 chapters.The music composition is amazing.Satyamev Jayate attracts me the most.Choosing one as favourite among these 5 chapters is a big task for me really.

    I watch it everyday and it boosts me to persue my dream that I have seen to serve my incredible motherland since my childhood .

    …………………….Proud to be an Indian 🇮🇳

  42. Anonymous

    Such a great feeling to watch this video.. All chapters are their significance…

  43. Rajesh

    Hello sir, I feel your blog should be the first site that any fresher should visit. Your experience makes you unique among all the toppers. A billion thanks for putting your experience into this fabulous site to help us. I have a few questions
    1. You have made elaborative post on prelims CSAT-1 but please post even about CSAT-2.
    2. Do you recommend magazines CSR, PRATIYOGITA DARPAN and sites like STUDYIQ. Please comment why we don’t need these, if any.
    3. You recommend non-fiction books but do books like “Dan browns -Angels and demons” which belongs to fiction help us. books such as these are thought provoking and please suggest any books if you feel yes and also why we don’t need such books, if any

  44. Vipin Zakarde

    Anudeep sir where i can see your or other toppers answer copies? please tell me sir i want to see how you and other toppers wrote their answer?

  45. Sanjana Panda

    Your blog gave me motivation when I needed it the most Thank You so much sir! All the helps that you have provided will be very helpful. Thank you.

  46. Nagaraju

    Fundamentals of Essay and Answer Writing when available in market


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