By | January 4, 2019

As I look back on the year gone by, I can’t be thankful enough for 2018. Professionally and personally, it’s the best year I’ve had. In Dec 2017, if I were given a chance to script my 2018, I don’t think I’d have had it any better. What did you learn in 2018? Can you describe it in… Read More »

Anudeep Durishetty

A Milestone and A Thank You Note

By | November 4, 2018

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to start a blog. Whenever I thought of it, I used to be gripped by a strange sense of timidity (and lethargy) to pen an article and put my thoughts in public. UPSC success finally gave me the readership and the motivation to overcome my reluctance. It was five… Read More »

Why Conversations Matter

By | October 14, 2018

Last week we had a parliamentary debate at our academy, LBSNAA. The motion of the debate was: Right to equality implies preferential treatment for the disadvantaged. It was a highly combustible topic, yet brilliantly argued by both sides based on logic, reason and evidence, and never ad-hominem. To watch the teams not pull any punches and mock, denigrate… Read More »

10 Days to Mains: Don’t Be Intimidated. Be Inspired.

By | September 16, 2018

The centre court at Wimbledon is a remarkable place. Throughout Wimbledon’s history, on the day of the finals, this hallowed arena has been witness to something extraordinary. Many young, promising players who were expected to win the title simply buckled under the searing pressure. They were just too intimidated by the occasion. On the other hand, the place… Read More »

Becoming the Next Lionel Messi

By | July 23, 2018

Humans have two fundamental abilities— physical and cognitive. Majority of today’s professionals— designers, doctors, lawyers, civil servants, scientists and software engineers derive their worth not from their physical ability, but from their cognitive capacity. Industrial Revolution had rendered physical labour mostly irrelevant; Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is now set to make our cognitive abilities redundant. Self-driving cars are… Read More »

How to conquer GS in UPSC Mains, Explained

By | July 14, 2018

Note: My book, Fundamentals of Essay and Answer Writing is out now! It’s a comprehensive guide that helps you write better Essays and Answers in the UPSC Mains Exam. You can get the book here. With 1000 marks spanning across four papers in Mains, GS feels like one giant, insurmountable mountain. The point of this article is to convince you… Read More »

How to Ace Anthropology Optional: Deep Dive into Paper II

By | July 3, 2018

Note: I’ve published a total of 3 blog posts on Anthropology. The first article primarily talks about my booklist and the basic approach I followed. The second discusses topic wise detailed plan for Paper I. This is the third and final one among the series, and it deals with topic wise detailed plan for Anthro Paper II. 1.1 – Indian… Read More »