Journey before Destination

When I was a kid, I didn’t really enjoy school. I felt burdened with the subjects, homework, and all the expectations of me. I thought once school is done, I’ll be free.

But in my 11th and 12th, I pursued something else— cracking the competitive exams and getting into a good college. I worked towards that singular goal. Getting a seat at a prestigious institute meant everything as it guaranteed a well-paying job and a secure career. I got into BITS, Pilani and I felt I had finally done it. 

But the elation quickly evaporated, and I soon found myself drowned in the coursework and assignments. And a sense of worry about maintaining a good CGPA, a metric that would assure placement at a reputed, well-paying company. Later, I did end up at a great company, but by then, I already wanted to get into the IAS. In the next few years, I worked towards it and believed that once I get in, I will not have any problems whatsoever. 

I finally succeeded in getting into the IAS and just before going to LBSNAA I thought, this is it. It was going to be the best phase of my life. In fact, it was a great time at the academy, but it was not without any worries. I injured my right knee, and I couldn’t walk properly in all of my Foundation Course. “This knee injury is stopping me from truly enjoying my time here,” I used to tell myself. 

You get the point. In all these instances, I thought that freedom and happiness are found in the next rung of the ladder. “Damn, if only I can get this, I will be truly free forever.”

But my experience so far has taught me that it doesn’t work that way. We work towards a goal, thinking that it’s the perfect solution to all our problems. But once you cross a milestone, it quickly becomes the new normal. Your original issues and worries will be replaced by a different set of issues and worries. 

What we believe to be true

What is actually true

Taken from the book: The Happiness Equation

Don’t assume that the next shiny new gadget or a pay rise or promotion will solve all the problems forever. In fact, the joy we get in achieving something is rarely in the act of finishing that task.

Think of the happiest moments of your life. Eating a super-delicious meal. A fun day out with friends. Watching a beautiful movie. Reading a fabulous book. The joy in them was never about finishing or ticking them off the list. It was in relishing it. In the words and sentences of a book, in the tiny little delicious tastes of the meal, in the little jokes and banter with friends. When you are playing a game, if we are constantly worried about the scoreboard, we will not win the match. And certainly, we will not enjoy the game. What’s the point of playing if we don’t enjoy it? 

To have a goal is essential, but to think that achieving it provides lasting happiness or meaning or identity is faulty thinking. We will always have problems and issues to solve. Ask yourself, would you want a life with nothing on your to-do list? I don’t think so. 

We must always try to aspire, learn and grow. But we must also choose to find joy and happiness in the present moment and not postpone it until we reach an imaginary milestone. The joy is always in the journey. While climbing towards the summit is important, sometimes we must remind ourselves to look around and enjoy the beautiful view!  

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  1. Tannu Kumar

    Reading this book has changed my perspective of life. I must say You are one of the few IAS officer who is leaving no stone unturned to motivate aspirants right from the beginning.

    I eagerly wait for your write ups sir like daily newspapers.

    1. Anonymous

      Sir, I was eagerly waiting for your articles. Since you have told that you would post article fortnightly, I checked it out every day at least thrice a day. Please keep writing it . You are the true speaker about preparation, otherwise ,there are many who claim a lot of false things -: right from the age to last stage of preparation. You will remain in my heart sir forever. It is your hard work only that deserves such comments.

    2. Shweta Prabhakaran

      Absolutely. Wherever we are in life , we shouldn’t treat it as a transitory period.

    3. Anonymous

      The fact of life , rare people understand it , you are true observer

    4. Anonymous

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  2. Srivani Reddy

    I am big fan of you sir,your journey towards IAS is very inspiring sir….

    1. Anonymous

      Yes I am also big fan of anudeep sir

  3. sai chand pasula

    True. Allmost everyone of us think about the result but forget to enjoy the journey . After reading this post we can remind ourself that the true happiness lies in enjoying both journey and result.
    Thanks for such thought changing article

  4. Aman Choudhary

    This is the real crux of the life. Life has limited minute and every minute is important be it in any time. Each word of you realize the importance of happiness . I do remember one instance , in a motivation lecture at HPCL Pune, the speaker asked me , what is your goal of life , I replied “Happiness” . He told sir you are not required to be seated here. The ultimate meaning of life is happiness and it does not depends on the amount of money, material things, place etc… The friends are true happiness to me and I enjoy every bit of life. Thank you sir for enlightening on the touchy issue ..

    Wish you more happiness in life ..

    Sqn Ldr Aman Choudhary

  5. 31kittugreat

    Enjoying the journey is not so easy when destiny tries it’s best to toss you away from the destination. But well, great words sir??

  6. Naveen Raj

    Great story sir I learn lot of life hacks from ur storys even though I watched those technique in video but none of them inspired me ur life line stories gave me so much sense to me to follow in life. Keep posting ur blog I’m always waiting for ur blog sir
    Thank you ?

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you sir for wonderful article…We are fortunate to have you as additional collector..Your way of solving local issues is superb sir..I admire u each day sir

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks Sir, please continue your writting for us .

  8. Shyam Mhaske

    Sir life is so complicated we think when we got that goal we happy but we move next phase and we think when I got it also I was happy human expectations are never end.
    That’s why in which phase or situation we are enjoy that journey.

  9. Anonymous

    Thank you very much dear sir for your efforts which is dragging people towards their goal and adding smiles on the face.
    ~ Love from Odisha

  10. Anonymous

    Really nice sir.

  11. Aristotle

    That’s a high level hypocrisy
    When you achieve something you start losing its value and think happiness is somewhere else..

    Why don’t people be true that it’s the way life works and we are surrounded by fallacies and it works like that only.

    It’s like the most millionaires who works there ass off and build the great empires and then say happiness is not that. Really disappointing.. why don’t they donate everything and try to be happy then..

    Happiness is really vague and Subjective and keep struggling in life is actual long term happiness

    It could be an entire different scenario if you haven’t cracked this exam then the formula of happiness will be getting food to the children’s plate and that too by struggling daily. .

  12. Aristotle

    Pushing yourself everyday when you don’t even wish to work..

    Accepting the failure and struggling to move on

    This is life actually and it’s not be happy scenario always..

  13. Anonymous

    When you are playing a game, if we are constantly worried about the scoreboard, we will not win the match.

  14. Shubhendu

    Getting motivated whenever I reading your words. I can say that you are a true man with true words… You have had a great experience in practical life.

  15. Anonymous

    Sir you never fail to inspire us through your words ..All your thoughts , your words are so powerful ..and that reflects in your works …Seriously Sir we miss out little joys in search of an imaginary world with imaginary success in future ..To be happy in future also we need to be happy at the present ❤
    Your posts are like morning booster …gives positive vibes through out the time ..I always awaits your posts Sir to get motivation…But actually what you gives us is not only motivation but bits of your experiences ..Thank you Sir from the bottom of my heart …keep on inspiring us like this …Lots of love and respect from West Bengal ….Hope will be able to meet you some day sir … Stay safe and Stay happy??

  16. Beginner

    Great Article!
    But the equation of “What we believe to be true” is the only equation that proceeds, something like:
    “Great Work–Big Success–Be Happy”–Great Work–Big Success–Be Happy–Great Work–Big Success–“Be Happy–Great Work–Big Success”–Be Happy–Great Work–Big Success
    It is the way you interpret life.
    There are different type of people with different thinking and so the first equation which proceeds can be interpreted in different forms by different people.

  17. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing most valuable information..
    Yes it’s true ” Experience the Every Moment In Life Happily “.

  18. Maneesha

    After reading this post i realised how i use to feel same since my childhood….it is just like awakening blog post sir!!! Thank you!

  19. akkiraju123charitha

    Thank you sir for reminding us about value of journey and need to enjoy it. it is important not just to UPSC aspirants but to millions out there. please keep writing to inspire us.

  20. Shreya

    Yes for me also school is a burden but when I was reading it I was gradually remembering those beautiful moments and yes challenges are many it’s not that after achieving a goal we are all set. I have myself realised when I improved my English accent , then I started worrying about vocabulary.

  21. shrutikirti mishra

    Beautiful lines and truth of life # live life as a peacock feather# jai shree krishna ?

  22. Anonymous

    You are a gem of a person sir… Its soothing to listen to your words sir… No words… just loads of respect…

  23. Anonymous

    Your ability to narrate simplest of ur experiences in such a manner is phenomenal. I enjoy reading all your write ups. Truly simplicity is the utmost sophistication.

  24. Anonymous

    I eagerly wait for your article sir .
    It is always inspiring. I try to apply your thoughts in my life .i was a student of hindi medium but after reading your article about book writing. I develope ambition to write an article for the hindu .thank you sir .
    Chandra kant sharma
    Nursing officer
    Aiims bathinda

  25. Harsh

    Sir these Writing Makes us Hopeful towards tommorrow. Keep writing them and Triumph in every field you enter. God bless??

  26. yati kasera

    “The joy is always in the journey because destination actualy gives the satisfaction”

  27. harith varma

    My friends are asking me “what is the secret behind your vocabulary ?”. I said Anudeep sir’s blog!

    1. Srinija

      IAM always feel cherished while reading your articles sir.IAM a big fan of you sir.truly always inspiring with your words.with lots of love from karimnagar

  28. Madhvi khunt

    It can be a merely comment for you sir, but trust me your blogs has left really good impact on my way of thinking and I can assure that it will be helpful in my life further also even after clearing IAS exams. ??


    Such a positive article and much needed at this point of time ,Sir:) keep inspiring us.

  30. Sayandeep Banik

    Just wanted to know is it a rumour or a fact that you worked for Software Giant-Google

  31. mahesh lingannavar

    Very true lines sir….

  32. Kashish Sachdeva

    I don’t know how your emails and blogs say just the right thing! Everytime I read your words, every single time, I feel like that had been just what I had required someone to tell me. Whatever you say is all so simple and basic, it feels so true and apt.
    Thank you for your wise words and for making things look simpler and life lighter.❤?

  33. Mansi Singh

    What a heartwarming read. Happiness, the joy and the beauty of life is in the moment. Let’s seize it.

  34. Gayathri

    Ur inner monk always speaks with us through ur writings… Tq soo much for this sir… One have to live every day as if it is the last day of one’s life..

  35. Munish

    Kind of Dhoni thing. Said this when India didn’t had enough pace bowlers in 2014-15 Test series in Down under.
    Always enjoy the process and get involved into. Not Looking at the results. RESULTS wil automatically come as we start enjoying it.
    Many people tend to just focus on results and boom.. they are nowhere after sometime.

  36. Karthikeyan

    Thank you so much sir !
    Write more and more for us sir!???

  37. Vijay Giri

    Very nervous about preliminary, being more precise is current affairs.

  38. anonymous

    Really nice blog post sir . Grateful for your guidance

  39. koushiksoma

    hi sir your feel of thoughts really goes deep into the hearts.
    thank you


    Truly inspiring! ??

  41. Abhilash Jadhav

    Inspiring Sir..

  42. Anonymous

    Success is not a destination , success is a journey

  43. Teh Rim

    This blog would have been more pleasing had you felt the same when you were preparing.
    But I must say your blogs are the best.

  44. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot sir for your heartfelt ,inspiring and thought provoking piece of writing. It’s a wonderful piece of writing both for the strength of your personal thoughts and the importance of topic.
    I eagerly wait for your posts. Please keep writing to inspire others . You are an honest to goodness person. You are truly an example of a person who aspire to inspire. Your writings acts like a spirit booster and enkindles our soul. Your writings reflects the saying SIMPLICITY IS THE ULTIMATE SOPHISTICATION.
    This piece of writing gave us the perspective that there is no way to happiness but happiness itself is the way.

  45. Anonymous

    Thank you sir, for all the effort you take inspite of your busy schedule to enthusiase the aspirants, your posts help us overcome our challenges we face regularly apart from the help it gives us in our preparation it makes us better human beings and helps us look at the world in a different perspective…????

  46. Akanksha

    Thank you sir it’s really help me to grow up toward my success

  47. Anonymous

    I like to read you sir.

  48. Anonymous


  49. Anonymous

    Sir are you posted as an additional collecter in Bhadradri kothagudem?

  50. Sijoy Jacob Varghese

    Well written.
    Completely agree to the fact that it’s the journey that must be enjoyed.

  51. Anonymous

    It’s a great article for aspirants . Thank you so much sir.

  52. Vaishnavi

    Sir, thank you so much for theses words of motivation. This anecdote is worth appreciable. I’m a big fan of u anudeep sir. U r my favorite IAS officer. Looking forward for more such amazing post of yours.

  53. Gugulothu sai

    I always awaiting for your blogs and pics
    These always inspire me

  54. Bharath Kumar chitta

    Anu annayya I’m really feel very proud feel..bcoz everything in life is very important..and .. success begins one step only…and enjoying journey in few members.but it was an amazing…tq so much anna

  55. Anonymous

    Thank you sir.i am happy to read your blog.
    It is inspiration and then I knew how I effort my vision.

    1. Himadri

      True… So it happens with everyone.. I was thinking I am d only one who is not enjoying

  56. Meera

    Sir..Once Experience Heartfulness
    Kanhashantivanam Worlds Largest meditation center…as uh mentioned mindfulness
    Visit The Ashram.????

  57. Anonymous

    Sir,When will u reply to my mail?

  58. Tanu

    Enjoy the journey? Pls tell how also…

  59. Anonymous

    I eagerly await your articles ….
    Jai Hind ! Sir .

  60. Anonymous

    It great sir. I am great full for this Knowledge.

  61. Anonymous

    what if you dont have money to enjoy the meal?

  62. Anonymous

    This article is truly inspiring ..

  63. Anonymous

    What an inspiring journey sir!

    1. Anonymous

      Can you please suggest a branch in btech for IAS?

    2. Anonymous

      Can you please suggest a branch in btech to become IAS?

  64. Anonymous

    Can you please suggest a branch in btech to become an IAS?


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